Tooling Platform is reconfigurable and redeployable.

Press Release Summary:

Ductile iron Agile Assembly is dimensionally interchangeable and can be expanded or rearranged at any time. T-keys permit universal tooling mounting with single nut and T-key bolt. No jig boring or precision machining is required. Cam-synchronized and robotic user-friendly, assembly is adaptable to individual tooling cells, linked cells, hybrid walking beam/shuttles, carousel in-lines, and over and under in-lines.

Original Press Release:

Swanson Agile Assembly

Agile Assembly is remarkable for its simplicity: it is totally robust, reconfigurable, and redeployable.

The cast ductile iron Agile Tooling Platform is equally adaptable to
o Individual tooling cells
o Linked cells
o Hybrid walking beam/shuttle: synchronous - non-synchronous combinations
o Carrousel in-lines
o Over and under in-lines
o Indexing/continuous / non-synchronous means or work transfer

Precise, 100% dimensionally interchangeable, warranted machines can be expanded, or rearranged at any time.

Exclusive Swanson T-keys permit universal tooling mounting. All with a single nut and T-key bolt. No Jig Boring or precision machining is required. Agile Assembly eliminates screws and dowels.

Swanson Agile Assembly is:
o Robotic user-friendly
o Cam synchronized user-friendly
o Certain to achieve functional success
o Cost beneficial

Users of mechanized assembly equipment now have an opportunity to standardize their plant-wide assembly machine vehicles, regardless of vendor choice, product size or volume; low or high speed; semi or fully automatic.

Machine builders save design and build costs; they can achieve more frequent turnover hence higher volumes. Machine builders are more certain of achieving planned-for margins by incorporating Agile Assembly and accessory components: shorter lead times result with benefits to both user and builder.

Agilecells, Agileslims, Agilesections, Agilesuper cells, never require special machining. As a result, they retain their integrity forever and are totally reusable.

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