Tool Presetter comes with laser edge finder.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for use as standby units for smaller manufacturers, ECO210 MVII Microset presetter features rotating tool adapter with ISO 40 and 50 tapers as well as HSK taper sizes. Ergonomic unit, offering one-hand operation of co-ordinate slides, has toolholder capacity of 415 mm dia x 465 mm length. In addition to sealed keyboard and Metric/English conversion switch, unit employs CCD camera with 20:1 magnification and automatic switch-off for surface illumination.

Original Press Release:

Universal/Devlieg Microbore Introduces New Microset ECO210 MVII Tool Presetter with Laser Edge Finder

The benefits of presetting and measuring tooling away from the machine tool is a significant quality and productivity improvement process for manufacturers. For the most part, tool presetting has benefited larger manufacturers primarily because of the sizeable investment required to purchase and implement presetting equipment and systems. But now, the new ECO210 MVII Microset presetter represents a major accomplishment in bringing ergonomic and affordable state-of-the-art tool presetting technology to smaller manufacturers. These units are suitable for use as standby units in manufacturing areas to save time and avoid trips to central stores.

Essential engineering ECO210 features include:
· Toolholder capacity is 415 mm diameter x 465 mm length
· Rotating tool adapter with ISO 40 and ISO 50 tapers as well as HSK taper sizes
· Rigid compact construction for long lasting precision
· One-hand operation of co-ordinate slides
· Wide fine adjustment with conveniently arranged hand wheels in both axes
· CCD camera is 20:1 magnification, with automatic switch-off for surface illumination
· Laser edge finder to quickly find cutting edge
· Sealed keyboard for factory-floor use
· Metric/English conversion switch
· Reference adapter for calibration

Available options include:
· A VDI-Indexing attachment
· HSK setting spindle
· CCD Digital camera system
· Profile projector
· Pneumatic clamping system
· Three-drawer cabinet
· Up to five post-processors

Universal/DeVlieg Microbore LLC is a manufacturer of rotating toolholders, the DeVlieg-Microbore line of boring tools, and the Microset line of electronic tool presetters. Univeral/DeVlieg Microbore is part of the Saginaw, Michigan-based Mistequay Group, a manufacturer of aerospace and automotive components with over 150 employees located in three facilities in North America and one in Pakistan.

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