Tool Kit terminates fiber optics.

Press Release Summary:

Lightweight JTK(R)-22 kit, for ST/SC and LC connectors, uses anaerobic adhesive for permanent low loss terminations. It accommodates single-mode as well as multi-mode connectors, and includes all necessary tools and consumables. 7 lb kit includes case, crimp tool and dies, scribe jacket stripper, buffer strippers, 100x microscope, scissors, primer and adhesive, safety glasses, polishing fixture, polishing pad, wipes, marker and ruler.

Original Press Release:

JTK-22(R) Basic Fiber Termination Kit

Low-cost and lightweight (7 lbs), our new JTK(R)-22 is a complete fiber optic installation tool kit for ST/SC & LC connectors that uses an anaerobic adhesive for permanent low loss terminations. It can accommodate singlemode as well as multimode connectors, includes all necessary tools and consumables to properly terminate your fiber optic cable. A step-by-step manual is also included to carefully guide you through the process. One year warranty.

The JTK-22(R) includes the following items:

Soft-Sided Case
Crimp Tool & Crimp Dies
Scribe Jacket Stripper & Buffer Stripper
100x Microscope
OptiCure 100 Primer & Adhesive
Alcohol Bottle & Water Bottle
Safety Glasses
Plastic Box
Wipes, Marker & Ruler
Polishing Fixture & Polishing Pad
1 & 5 Micron Polishing Film
Syringes & Needle Tips
Kit Key
Instruction Manual

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