Tool facilitates drive parameter selection and setting.

Press Release Summary:

Palm-sized, battery-operated FlashDrop MFDT-01 can copy parameters between 2 identical drives, or between PC and drive, making it suited for high-volume customization of machines. It stores max of 20 parameter sets and, if needed, parameters can be adjusted within tool. Once user selects parameter set, parameters are downloaded from FlashDrop tool to each drive in less than 3 seconds. Drives are not connected to mains during parameter setting.

Original Press Release:

For Production of High-volume OEM Machines, the New ABB FlashDrop (MFDT-01) Tool Dramatically Reduces Programming Time, Costs - and Provides a Safer Working Environment

(No need to power the drive; use new tool to flash in parameter sets in seconds)

NEW BERLIN, WI, July 27, 2007 . . . The new ABB FlashDrop is a powerful palm-sized tool for fast and easy parameter selection and setting. The tool can copy parameters between two identical drives, or between a PC and a drive, making it ideal for high-volume customization of machines.

With the FlashDrop (MFDT-01) tool, the drive doesn't need to be unpackaged, or connected to the mains. "Simply open the top of the box and seat the FlashDrop wand into the access point built into the ABB Low Voltage drives, and they are programmed in as little as three seconds," notes Michael Mikolajczak, product line manager for ABB's ACS50, ACS150, ACS350 and ACS/H550 drive lines.

"And, for distributors, machine builders and system integrators who need identical programming across a host of drives for machine production or repeatable processes, this tool ensures exact replication of programming - and minimizes the labor/costs required to achieve it," he said.

Faster Volume Customization - FlashDrop DrivePM PC Software
DrivePM (Drive Parameter Manager) is a software tool, included within the FlashDrop package, to create, edit and copy parameter sets. FlashDrop stores a maximum of 20 unique parameter sets and, if needed, the parameters can be adjusted within the tool. The user selects a parameter set and, via pushing one button, the parameters are downloaded from the FlashDrop tool to each drive in less than three seconds. This quickens commissioning times dramatically, especially with multiple drives.

"The tool makes it easy to achieve very fast, exactly repeated production, and removes the variation that can affect an OEM's potential quality issue related to varied programming across hundreds, or even thousands, of units," said Mikolajczak.

Safer Working Environment
The robust FlashDrop tool is battery-operated, and can be used at installation sites, or at the premises of a distributor. The drives are not connected to the mains during parameter setting, an additional benefit that enhances the safety of the assemblers.

The FlashDrop user can hide each parameter/group from the drive's display, which means that the drive user does not see the parameter/group at all. This protects the drive and connected machinery, while the drive users see only parameters relevant for their respective application.

ABB FlashDrop (MFDT-01) Package Includes:
-- FlashDrop tool;
-- DrivePM software (CD-Rom);
-- User's manual (hard copy and PDF);
-- RS232 cable for connection between PC and the FlashDrop tool ; and
-- Battery charger.

Compatibility with ABB Drives
The FlashDrop tool is compatible with the following ABB drives:
-- ACS150 (v1.31b+);
-- ACS350 (v2.41a+);
-- ACS550 (v 3.11a+, May 7, 2007+) R1-R6 frames; and
-- ACH550 (v 3.11a+, May 7, 2007+) R1-R6 frames.

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