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WinTool Add-In from third party developer DATOS (Zurich, Switzerland) contains catalogues from leading cutting tool manufacturers. Now available for ESPRIT CAM software, it automatically transfers entire tool list and cutting tool parameters into ESPRIT system for use in creating tool path. For example, when setting up new tool with more than one dedicated cutting edge, WinTool provides crucial setup tolerances to avoid tool breakage/damage.

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Now Available for ESPRIT CAM, WinTool Add-In From Tool Database Software Developer, DATOS

Camarillo, CA- CAM Market leader, DP Technology announces the immediate availability of the WinTool Add-In from third party developer DATOS (Zurich, Switzerland). This Commercial Application is supported by DATOS to enable ESPRIT users to directly access WinTool, a tool database software containing a variety of catalogues from the leading cutting tool manufacturers. The WinTool Add-In is available on-line from the ESPRITAdd-In Store at The WinTool Add-In is launched inside ESPRIT when the WinTool button is selected; ESPRIT users can then assemble their cutting tools from tool manufacturer-specified databases that contain exact tool parameters for flute length, collision lengths, corner radii, and setup tolerances. The WinTool database automatically transfers the entire tool list and cutting tool parameters into the ESPRIT CAM system for use in creating the tool path. The Cut Data Advantage: For each cutting tool assembly, the WinTool database stores the corresponding cutting conditions, organizing them by material. When generating the NC-program for each cutting assembly (tool), WinTool automatically selects the best cutting conditions from its tool archive based on the part material and cutting situation and presents them to the ESPRIT user for verification. Because the cutting tool list consists of only manufacturer- specified tools, each with a clearly defined tool setup, the result is shorter setup time, longer tool life, and faster machining. For example, when setting up a new tool with more than one dedicated cutting edge, WinTool provides the crucial setup tolerances to avoid tool breakage/damage. In turning applications involving a form tool, the WinTool database supplies the appropriate definition of the zero point, thus ensuring accurate tool setup without delay. The ESPRIT Developer Network Located at, the ESPRIT Developer Network provides support for third party software developers and end users to build and sell software solutions, macros and Add-Ins, to the ESPRIT community. In addition, DP offers technical assistance and co-marketing opportunities through the ESPRIT Developer Network. Add-Ins which are approved by DP as Commercial Solutions receive the company's endorsement, along with the opportunity for a DP sponsored news release, a classified advertisement in ESPRIT de Corps (the ESPRIT user magazine), trade show exposure, and other promotional advantages. About DATOS In the manufacturing software field for over twenty years, DATOS Computer AG provides software solutions, along with planning and installation, for the CNC manufacturing industry. With a team of 10 people in Zurich and another 5 in Germany, DATOS supports its WinTool software with fifty available tool catalogues to over 20,000 customers. Additional data management software available through DATOS includes WinTool Professional for graphical tool support and WinNC for NC-Program quality control. For additional information about DATOS and the software products they provide, please call +41 (0)1 401 00 55, email, or visit them on the World Wide Web at About ESPRIT and DP Technology Corp. DP Technology is a company founded on the vision of technology's potential. For two decades DP Technology has set the pace in the machine tool industry with the practical application of advanced technologies for the benefit of the CNC programmer. ESPRIT is packed with twenty years of G-code programming experience, machine tool knowledge, and CNC know-how. DP Technology re-invests over 20% of its annual revenue into Research and Development in an effort to assure ESPRIT's continuing leadership as the world's leading CAM product. For additional information about DP Technology and ESPRIT, please call 805-388-6000, email DP at, or visit them on the World Wide Web at

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