Tool Compensator works while in motion.

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Servo-controlled tool compensator system uses servo-motors with inherent high torque ratings instead of stepper motors so it can compensate tools while machine is working. Servo motor is able to directly hold tool point in position while tool is in contact with, and machining, the workpiece allowing machining center to maintain feed rates for multiple tools. This also eliminates tool marks on part during machining operation.

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Valenite Gaging Systems Introduces New Servo-Controlled Tool Compensator Package That Produces Faster Tool Compensating Capability

By using servo-motors with inherent high torque ratings instead of stepper motors, tools can be compensated when they are in contact with the workpiece.

Valenite Gaging Systems has designed and developed a new servo-controlled tool compensator system that will give machining center and machining systems users a better and faster method of compensating tools with the added ability to maintain feed rates for multiple tools while in motion.

Rick Massa, Valenite Gaging Systems' engineer says, "The significance of using a servo-controlled system, Fig. 1, versus a conventional stepper motor drive is that the high torque rating of the servo motor is able to directly hold the tool point in position while the tool is in contact with, and machining, the workpiece. In normal stepper motor compensators, the tool must clear the workpiece when any tool movement occurs and typically a hydraulic ram is used to ensure that the tool point is now allowed to move one tool compensation or translation has occurred."

Massa adds, "The servo system is able to meet other customer requirements such as maintaining specific, but independent, feed rates for each of the tools while in motion. This produces the desired result of eliminating tool marks on the part during the machining operation."

The first servo-controlled compensator system was designed and retrofitted to a 2-axis, 3-spindle machining center used to finish bore differential gear housings. This system consisted of two stepper motor controlled tool compensators installed on the horizontal spindles and an AC servo motor controlling the vertical spindle. The vertical boring operation utilizes a long-range translator tool, Fig. 2, that contains two tools, one at each end of the boring bar. The drawbar that controls the tool point movement is servo motor driven and moves a total distance of 1.800-inches. With this arrangement, the tool can be totally retracted within the tool holder and inserted into the interior of the differential housing. At this point, a second tool begins a boring operation on the outside of the housing. When complete, the spindle begins to withdraw while the servo motor simultaneously begins extending the tool within the housing. This process allows the tool to machine a counterbore inside of the housing that is a greater diameter than the bore through which the tool was inserted. At the completion of this operation, the servo motor begins a controlled feed rate retraction of the tool inside of the housing while the tool is still in contact with the workpiece, thereby allowing the back surface of the counterbore to be cut to final size.

Valenite Gaging Systems, a unit of Valenite is located at 21101 Fern Ave., Oak Park, MI 48237. It provides complete gaging solutions for close-tolerance, high-production inspection. Valenite Gaging Systems has over 80 patents and 7,000 gaging machines operating worldwide.

Valenite is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial cutting tools in the world. Headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, Valenite has manufacturing, sales and service operations on five continents. Valenite offers a complete line of standard and special indexable-insert turning, threading, grooving, boring, milling and drilling products to a variety of industries. Valenite also manufacturers carbide die and wear parts, extruded carbide products, high-speed steel cutting tools, and electronic gaging systems. In addition, special high-production tooling for custom machining systems is produced under the MODCO® name. Valenite also markets the VALCOOL® line of cutting fluids.

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Fig. 1 (Photo No. 093A ) New Valenite Gaging Systems servo-controlled compensator system is self-contained in a separate cabinet.

Fig. 2 (Photo No. 093B ) -Valenite MODCO boring tool used in the machining of differential cases.

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