Tool Changing System accommodates more than 60 tools.

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Magerle Tool Changing System provides multi-tasking with minimal operator interference. It handles mills, drills, and taps, as well as grinding wheels as large as 500 mm. Maximum number of tools on display is 20 with max tool dimensions of 300 x 60 x 76.2 mm. Offering 12 second tool change, system includes HSK-A 100 spindle nose and through-the-spindle coolant at up to 80 bar to facilitate milling and drilling operations.

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New Magerle Tool Changing System Provides Ultimate Flexibility

MIAMISBURG, OH - United Grinding Technologies, Inc. (UGT) announces the introduction of a new, innovative tool changing system to its Magerle line of high-performance grinding centers.

According to Chris Stine, vice president, "Once a part is fixtured, you want to do as many operations as possible - ideally finishing the part in a single setup. This is the whole notion behind multi-tasking machine tools, including grinding machines and grinding centers. However, the new Magerle tool changing technology takes multi-tasking to a higher level."

Stine notes that it's possible to accommodate more than 60 tools and grinding wheels as large as 500 mm in Magerle tool changing systems. The tools can be mills, drills, taps - nearly everything that might be needed to finish a part - and, of course, multiple grinding wheels.

Tool changing system overview
Maximum tool dimensions on the display unit are 300 mm x 60 mm x 76.2 mm, and the number of tools is up to 20. Maximum tool weight: 20 kg. Tool change of 12 seconds. A reliable HSK-A 100 spindle nose offers rigidity and precision needed for close tolerance parts with high surface finish requirements. Through the spindle coolant at up to 80 bar facilitates milling and drilling operations aside from grinding.

Operators and other considerations
The new Magerle tool changing technology increases the variety of applications to a great extent by increasing the number of operations that can be accomplished without operator interference. "Limiting operator involvement and eliminating the need to move a part from machine to machine - fixturing and refixturing - enhances process control and results in consistent performance and quality parts. If the initial process parameters are correct, we can pretty much eliminate scrap as an issue," says Stine.

He also notes that with this tool changing system, one can load all the tools required to finish a part - multiple abrasive types, conventional wheels, aluminum oxide, CBN, and, of course, drills, mills and taps. "The idea is to have the perfect abrasive or tool in the changer for the particular part or application," he says. "You can rough with one type of abrasive and finish with another. Perhaps you have a feature that requires a very well defined wheel diameter, and perhaps plated CBN would be best. However, you may have other features on the same part where the stock is heavy and require more conventional abrasives. Now you can intermix tools and abrasives around the specific requirements of a given part and run that part complete, start to finish, in a single setup."

Typical applications include turbine vanes and blades, small turbine and compressor blades, machining both sides of fir tree and root shank faces, shroud and z-notch profiles - both sides and slots if required.

Founded in 1941 in Uster, Switzerland, Magerle grinding systems are today supported by an expert team of grinding specialists and technicians drawing on hundreds of machine installations and a worldwide support and service network.

United Grinding Technologies Inc., the North American arm of the Korber-Schleifring Group and supplier of such venerable nameplates as Blohm, Ewag, Jung, Magerle, Studer, Studer Mikrosa, Studer Schaudt and Walter, is a global leader in grinding technology and has built a reputation for industry-leading innovation and unparalleled service and support.

For more information, contact United Grinding Technologies, Inc.; 510 Earl Blvd., Miamisburg, OH, 45342. Tel: 937/847-1222. Fax: 937/859-1115.

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