TMHE's BT Lifter Silent and BT Levio Silent Forklifts Receive Quiet Mark Recognition

The Quiet Mark recognises global products for their environmentally conscious design and, in particular, their quiet operation; Two of Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE)'s forklifts have received the recognition.

The Noise Abatement Society has identified the BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck and the BT Levio Silent forklift for possessing features that help to reduce noise emissions during the material handling process. The Quiet Mark initiative aims to promote awareness of noise-reducing solutions, encouraging the design of silent products in order to improve the quality of life for workers and the general public.

Built with high quality rubber steering, powerthane bogie wheels, frames with shock absorbing material to reduce vibration noise and adjustable rubber studs, the BT Lifter Silent is quiet but powerful. The BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck with an operating noise of no more than 60 decibels - the volume of a conversation - upholds the Toyota standards of uncompromised quality, is user-friendly, ergonomic, easy to maintain and robust. With a unique lifetime guarantee on the fork frame, a five-year guarantee on the pump unit and tow bar, and 20% less operating sound than a standard hand pallet truck, the BT Lifter Silent is the quiet handling solution.

TMHE's BT Levio Silent was also awarded with Quiet Mark for its built-in sustainable elements. This model respects the same quality demands as the standard truck but has an additional unique lifting system, improved tolerances and soft high quality wheels that make it more "silent" in handling. Furthermore, vibration dampening and sound reducing material are strategically placed inside the chassis.

Both BT Lifter Silent and BT Levio Silent are outstanding pieces of material handling equipment. Ideal during after-hour deliveries and in residential areas, they allow for efficient loading and unloading while protecting the quality of life for customers, employees and people living around shops and stores.

"Today, we are proud to have this label on two of our trucks and we continue to invest in delivering high quality products that benefit both society and the environment. Our focus is on creating a reliable and sustainable business for our customers and on being responsible together," says Niclas Sternerup, Director of Product Management, Toyota Material Handling Europe.

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