Titanium Fabrication at Machinists Inc., In a New Isolated Facility

MI has been welding titanium, stainless steel and nickel alloys for many years. Projects involving titanium fabrication and machined parts have been provided for aerospace, marine, research laboratories and other demanding applications.

MI opened a new titanium facility in mid 2014, it is completely segregated from the rest of the weld shop and includes, inspection capabilities with personnel allowing nuclear and laboratory quality work to be done without contamination. The new facility offers clean room welding capabilities for work on the most exacting titanium fabrication projects.

MI has six craftsmen with various qualifications and experience for welding C.P. and 6Al4V Titanium. MI works in purge chambers up to 72" diameter with equipment to monitor oxygen and humidity of shielding gasses. They also provide out-of-chamber tack-welding. MI works on projects that can weigh over 30,000 lbs.

Comprehensive MI welding

MI welders and welding procedure qualifications conform to AWS and/ or ASME standards and are certified by In-house Certified Welding Inspectors. The MI welding program is managed by a Materials/ Welding Engineer who is also a CWI and life member of AWS.

Non-destructive testing

Magnetic particle and dye penetrant Inspections are done in-house by inspectors certified by the MI Level III thru an NAS410 and ASNT TC1A system.

If there is a need for large machining, prototype machining, replacement of broken parts, creation of assembly line spares or new equipment design, give the experts at Machinists a call for reliable handling of your project.

For more information contact Jeff Tomson, Machinists Inc., 206-763-0990 - www.machinistsinc.com

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