Tire Tread Analysis Sensor records real-world activity.

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Able to be used in various outdoor environments, tire sensor model IX500:128.128.10 features recording speeds that let engineers drive tire over sensor to capture information about point of contact. Effects that soil, sand, and other outdoor materials have on tire tread can also be analyzed by placing those materials on sensor and under pressure of tire.

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XSENSOR Goes Full-Throttle with New Tire Tread Analysis Tools

XSENSOR Technology Corporation's 2008 product line extension brings break-through analysis techniques to automotive testing market.

XSENSOR Technology Corporation has been working hard to develop new tools for tire testing customers. Based on input from companies such as Nokian, Bridgestone, Kumho, and Goodyear, XSENSOR has some exciting innovations to release this year. The first innovation is the release of a new tire sensor to its automotive testing product line.

"We're concentrating our efforts in the automotive test market in early 2008. There is a lot of potential in our current framework to support the work of test engineers and the products they hope to build. We are confident XSENSOR can meet their needs with this next generation of tools", says Karl Schilling, XSENSOR's Director of International Sales. Two specific needs are met by the new tire sensor that XSENSOR has just released (model number IX500:128.128.10); the need for speed and more durability.

Speed of measurement in the new sensor is a significant step forward. Other available tire sensors involve placing a tire on a pressure sensor, which is situated on a flat surface. Though important, this type of analysis can only offer a static pressure image, not one that simulates real-world activity. XSENSOR's new tire sensor records measurements must faster enabling an engineer to actually drive a tire over the sensor to capture information about the point of contact, or so-to-speak, see how the "rubber hits the road." This is a crucial type of analysis which was not easily performed until now.

To give test engineers the flexibility to leave the controlled lab environment, XSENSOR has enhanced their sensor technology so that it can be used in a variety of outdoor environments. Engineers can analyse the effect that soil, sand, and other outdoor materials have on the tire tread by placing those materials on the sensor and under the pressure of the tire. Engineers now have the capability to do new analysis that has not been readily possible.

"This new sensor provides just as accurate and repeatable results as the other tire sensors in our product line. This new sensor adds breadth in our tire sensor portfolio - it is simply an answer to the needs of our customers in the automotive test world."

XSENSOR Technology Corporation is a global leader in providing pressure imaging solutions for its three core businesses:

XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by mattress sales people as a fitting tool to help consumers get better sleep by selecting a better mattress for their unique body type and sleeping preferences.

XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by clinicians, nurses and rehabilitation specialists to help prevent pressure ulcers through improved support surface selection and patient positioning on wheelchairs and hospital beds.

XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by automotive product designers and test engineers throughout their design, testing and process control cycle to measure pressure related issues in seats and tires.

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