Tips on Using P-80 Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant

P-80 is very simple to use. All that is required is that enough of the liquid be applied to the part to create a thin film over its surface. This can be done manually or automatically with a bath, brush, spray, sponge or squirt technique. The best approach is determined by the size of the piece and the nature of the task. Be sure to shake or stir P-80 well before using to assure maximum effectiveness.

As we approach the colder months of the year (in some areas) it is important to keep P-80 out of freezing or near-freezing temperatures. In colder climates, be especially careful not to leave P-80 in any unheated area for lengthy periods.

If you need to cut rubber by hand or machine, apply P-80 to the knife blade and/or the rubber itself. Cut the rubber while the surfaces are still wet. Because P-80 keeps rubber from squirming, it allows clean, straight cutting. Your cuts will be more precise, and you'll waste less material.

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