Tipped Screws will not mar or damage surface facing.

Press Release Summary:

Acetal and brass tipped grub screws, available in sizes from M4-M12, feature black oxide steel body as standard (stainless steel optional) and are used to lock items. Other screws include hexagon solder tipped set screws to DIN 916, which spread over contacting surface and feature soft solder on tip of grub screw to allow fine adjustment. Also available, self-locking nylon tipped screws have tips that conform to shape of shaft. Holding power is optimized from full face contact.

Original Press Release:

Tipped Screws from Ondrives Ltd

A range of tipped screws are available from Ondrives Ltd of Chesterfield from within their fasteners range.

Acetal and brass tipped grub screws are available in sizes ranging from M4 up to M12 as standard complete with a black oxide steel body. They are generally used to lock items without damaging the surface facing. Stainless steel bodies are also available and the high corrosion resistance of AISI 303 make these elements particularly suitable for application on machines and equipment of the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Other screws in the range are hexagon solder tipped set screws to DIN 916, with a soft solder on the tip of the grub screw allowing fine adjustment. They spread over the contacting surface so as not to mark or deform it. When removed, the contact surface is unmarked. Nylon tipped screws are also available with the tip conforming to the shape of the shaft and they have extra holding power from full face contact. They are self locking and will not mar or damage the shaft.

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