TiO® TouchLite® 4 Lighting Control Now Shipping

Melbourne, FL – Anuva Automation proudly announces that the TiO® TouchLite 4 universal lighting and load controller is now shipping. 

The TouchLite 4 expands the TiO® automation ecosystem, building on the StealthStream® 1 amplified streaming audio player.  The TouchLite 4's ability to control any kind of lighting or fan is another example of the flexibility TiO® products provide - all while maintaining an ease of use and installation that is unrivaled.

The technology in the TouchLite 4 (protected by eight separate active or pending patents) provides a unique set of features:

• Installation and configuration in a matter of minutes

• Ability to control any kind of lighting load (Incandescent, LED, CFL, MLV, ELV, etc. – including multiple types on the same circuit; and even fans or other motors)

• Touch sensitive activation to control the local light, other lights in the home, music, temperature, or any combination thereof

• Easy configuration by the TiO® Android app to have one, two or four buttons

• Adjustable backlighting to illuminate button labels that are easily printed right on site – no waiting for engraved buttons

The TouchLite 4 is a less expensive and more sophisticated option to other products already on the market.  With the power of TiO®, the TouchLite 4 is part of a complete automation ecosystem that empowers the user to control the home in ways never before possible.  Historically, lighting control systems had to be programmed by installation experts. TiO® is easily programmable by home users, eliminating the need to schedule and be available for expert (i.e. expensive) assistance.

"We are excited to be shipping the TouchLite 4," said Mike Anderson, president of Anuva Automation. "When installed as part of a TiO® system, homeowners can finally turn their house into the home they want - without the necessary time and expense required by other systems that have been available."

TiO® is configured and controlled from an Android tablet – no computers or exhaustive training required.  The system is also the most affordable and easiest way for homeowners to program their house to look lived in while away on vacation.

For more information about TiO® and the TiO® line of home automation products, visit www.tiohome.com. On the site, home automation professionals can find information on becoming a TiO® authorized dealer.

About TiO®

TiO® (Turn it On) is manufactured by Anuva Automation.  TiO® provides "Sophisticated Simplicity" through their unique approach to automation and control. TiO® products are sold exclusively through authorized installing dealers.  TiO® is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and configuration, and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial applications.

The Anuva family of companies started in 2008 and specialize in design to completion.  The Anuva motto is "Bring On Impossible".

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