Timing is Everything

Frisa is introducing Frisa Express, a service with fast turnaround delivery schedules, shipping forgings in as few as 5 days.

Since its beginnings, Frisa has strived to deliver world-class forgings and the best customer experience possible. In an industry where high expectations from a forging supplier are a standard, Frisa presents Frisa Express, a new endeavor towards delivering extraordinary value.

Frisa Express emphasizes on speed throughout its process from quote to shipping. Customers will have access to Frisa's unmatched capabilities with very short lead times and a superb customer service no matter the volume they may require.

The express service is supported by the company's fully certified facilities that now have dedicated capacity to deliver express forgings solutions with utmost quality, additionally to value add services such as: heat treating, rough machining and mechanical testing.

"Everything we do at Frisa is aimed at making our products and services the best in the market.  With the introduction of Frisa Express, we are excited about the opportunity to better serve our customers in the seamless rolled rings and open die forging market." commented Eric González, Frisa Express Manager.

Exceptional service and a simplified interaction with customers is what the forging company seeks. Through the launch of a new website, customers can build RFQ's that will be answered in a matter of hours, or have a real time conversation with one of Frisa's sales engineers using a chat app, ensuring there are many ways to request a forging.

Frisa Express' full range of express products includes rolled rings discs, bars and blocks in carbon, alloy stainless steel. Need quick forgings? Get started on Frisa Express.

More Information: www.frisaexpress.com

About Frisa

Frisa is a world leading manufacturer of seamless rolled rings and open die forgings. Offering an extensive range of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, titanium and superalloys allows us to service a wide spectrum of industrial markets.

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México TOLL FREE: 01-800-253-7472

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