Timing Card is designed for PCI express peripheral standard.

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With ability to synchronize critical operations in embedded computing systems, TSync-PCIe Time Code Processor suits aerospace, defense, and industrial automation applications. Card can read multiple prioritized time codes, generate multiple time codes, and other synchronization outputs, as well as time tag multiple signals at maximum rate over 50,000 events/sec. Time code processor is offered with option for enhanced timing accuracy in event of loss of synchronization references.

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New Timing Card for PCI Express

September 22, 2008

Time code processor offers ease of use, the most flexibility, and the lowest cost of ownership for users of the burgeoning PCI Express peripheral standard

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK - Spectracom announces the availability of a new feature-rich bus-level timing card for the PCI express peripheral component interconnect standard. The product, TSync-PCIe Time Code Processor, represents the state-of-the-art timing card for synchronizing critical operations in embedded computing systems for industries such as Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial Automation. The new time code processor is based on Spectracom's new time synchronization platform that offers the most flexibility including the ability to add features in the field from future development and changes in user deployment.

The TSync-PCIe offers the most capability of any timing card for PCI express in the low-profile form factor. The card comes with a comprehensive set of standard features to allow users to read and generate time codes, program timing and frequency signals, and time-stamp events with greater flexibility than ever before. Product Manager, Jim Allocco said, "We understand that users of bus-level hardware need flexibility. We designed a tremendous amount of capability into this PCI express time code processor that is compatible with any PCI express card slot." The card has the ability to read multiple prioritized time codes, generate multiple time codes and other synchronization outputs, and time tag multiple signals at a maximum rate over 50,000 events per second.

Not only does the TSync-PCIe support a large variety of synchronization needs, it easily integrates into the software environment of the application. In keeping with Spectracom's commitment to offer easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate synchronization products, the TSync-PCIe is supplied with drivers for the latest versions of popular operating systems including Linux, Windows and Solaris.

The time code processor is offered with an option for enhanced timing accuracy in case of loss of the synchronization references. Synchronization to GPS is available via an onboard or remote GPS receiver. According to Director of Engineering, Lou Orsini, "Our design philosophy is to maximize flexibility for our customers. We developed several hardware configurations to complement our firmware-based product platform."

President and CEO, Lisa Withers commented, "Ease of integration, the highest degree of flexibility including the ability for upgrades in the field, and a feature-rich design results in the lowest cost of ownership for the most demanding applications."

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Spectracom Corporation, a company of the Orolia Group, designs, develops, and manufactures Legally Traceable Time® and frequency products that are used for Synchronizing Critical Operations® in a wide variety of communications, broadcast and IP networks in Public Safety, Aerospace and Defense, Financial Services, Healthcare and Broadcast markets. Founded in 1972, Spectracom's worldwide headquarters is located in Rochester, New York. Spectracom is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

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