Time of Flight Sensors feature very small hysteresis.

Press Release Summary:

Using time of flight technology, TOF Series Laser Sensors achieve up to 2 mm repeat accuracy at 3 m sensing distance. Self-contained retro reflective and background suppression sensors calculate distance based on time of travel from when beam is emitted to time it is reflected off target and back to receiver. Available with up to 2 NPN or PNP digital outputs, series includes dual output version for hi/lo or slow/stop sensing applications.

Original Press Release:

Introducing New High Accuracy Time of Flight Sensors

West Des Moines, Iowa – Ramco Innovations today announced the introduction of the Optex FA Time of Flight TOF Series laser sensors, a completely new line of time of flight sensors with excellent repeatability and very small hysteresis.

This self-contained retro reflective and background suppression sensor series uses time of flight technology to achieve up to 2mm repeat accuracy at a 3 meter sensing distance. The TOF Series of sensors accurately calculate distance based on the time of travel from when the beam is emitted to the time it is reflected off the target and back to the receiver.

The TOF Series is available with up to 2 NPN or PNP digital outputs and has dual output version good for hi/lo or slow/stop sensing applications. This new series also incorporates a unique dual laser system to compensate for changes in temperature around the sensor.

“The TOF Series Has Excellent Repeatability with Very Small Hysteresis Between Black & White Objects”

Possible uses include position detection of items on a moving palette or detection of automated guided vehicles, level detection of melted aluminum liquid, or height control of loose rubber sheets.

Learn more about the new TOF Series at:  www.optex-ramco.com/tof

Optex FA - one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications has partnered with the sensor experts at Ramco Innovations to bring quality, affordable LED, laser, laser measurement and fiber optic sensing solutions to North America. To learn more about Optex FA sensing technology, please visit the new website at www.optex-ramco.com.

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