Time Domain Releases First Dual-Mode UWB and Wi-Fi RTLS Solution

Dual-Mode System Offers New Flexibility for Asset Location and Management

Huntsville, Alabama - February 4, 2008 - Time Domain Corporation (www.timedomain.com), a leader in ultra wideband (UWB) real-time location systems (RTLS), today announced the first dual-mode UWB and Wi-Fi RTLS solution jointly developed with AeroScout, Inc. Named Ultra-Wi-Fi, the new product combines the precision location, high tag capacity and real-time data of UWB with the ease of deployment across large facilities of Wi-Fi-based location, for a multitude of asset monitoring and management applications. Ultra-Wi-Fi integrates Time Domain's Precision Location UWB System (PLUS) with AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based active RFID products and visibility software.

The Ultra-Wi-Fi product offering features patented dual-mode tags that can seamlessly roam between Wi-Fi and UWB infrastructures, Ultra-Wi-Fi readers, and a fully integrated software suite for dual-mode location determination. The product offering will provide management, alerting and visualization of tracked people and assets. Ultra-Wi-Fi products will be marketed and sold by both Time Domain and AeroScout through the companies' channel partners. Currently installed with beta customers, the solution will be available at the end of Q1 2008.

UWB is gaining momentum in RTLS for its ability to precisely and simultaneously locate and monitor the interaction and activities of thousands of people and assets in real time. By adding UWB to Wi-Fi, a tag can recognize the precise position of an asset down to inches in certain environments, while still leveraging the existing WLAN infrastructure. A hospital, for example, can use Ultra-Wi-Fi to not only determine the location of equipment, staff and patients, but can precisely monitor these assets anywhere, on any floor in real time to determine, for example, how long a specific piece of equipment has been in use by an individual patient.

"Our customers and partners are telling us that even though UWB can solve all of their location based business needs, they would still like to re-use their Wi-Fi networks in concert with UWB to provide inches-level accuracy while simultaneously tracking thousands of assets. Ultra-Wi-Fi delivers both capabilities," said Greg Clawson, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Time Domain. "By integrating our PLUS UWB technology, AeroScout clearly sees the value of offering customers UWB among RTLS technologies, and we look forward to jointly bringing the benefits of this combined technology to customers."

"With the Ultra-Wi-Fi product line, our customers have a single system that can take advantage of their ubiquitous Wi-Fi network while enjoying the benefits of UWB," said Gabi Daniely, vice president of marketing and product strategy at AeroScout.

In addition, the companies have signed a distribution and licensing agreement that enables Time Domain to use the AeroScout Location Engine software as an operating platform for the Time Domain PLUS UWB system. This engine, offered in addition to the Time Domain Solver Location Engine, will provide a broader range of choices for Time Domain's partners and customers. Time Domain's partners can use the AeroScout Engine to incorporate precision location data from the PLUS UWB system into their applications, and can also purchase AeroScout's MobileView 4.0 application, which integrates Time Domain's PLUS UWB tags and readers, as an out-of-the-box RTLS solution for tracking and managing assets, triggering alerts and integrating with third-party applications.

For more information on Time Domain, visit www.timedomain.com or call 256-922-9229.

About Time Domain Corporation

Time Domain is the world leader in ultra wideband (UWB) product development and provides solutions that enable enterprises to maximize productivity of their people and assets using a real-time location system (RTLS). Our products and professional services deliver "Precise Location for a World in Motion" to the healthcare, retail, and other vertical markets and are sold and supported through a network of certified channel partners. Time Domain's new Precision Location UWB System (PLUS) products are powered by the innovative PulsON suite of UWB technologies, which are also available for strategic OEM integration. For more information, please visit www.timedomain.com. Pharos Capital Group, LLC, www.pharosfunds.com, of Dallas, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee is Time Domain's largest venture capital investor.

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