Time Code Processor Card features PCIe form factor.

Press Release Summary:

Supporting servers and computer workstations with limited peripheral card options, TSync-PCIe offers complete synchronized timecode reader/generator solution. It is compatible with external GPS receiver for installations with existing antennas and supports external signaling output to support other systems. Additional features include support for IRIG time code, alarm capture/interrupt, as well as programmable periodic (1 Hz to 10 MHz) and time-match outputs/interrupts.

Original Press Release:

Feature-Rich PCI Express Timing Board Gets an Update

The new TSync-PCIe PCI express time code processor card adds features to make it the most feature-rich timing card available to support the servers and computer workstations that have limited options for peripheral cards. Most of the card's features are programmed in firmware, so cards used in existing installations can benefit from the new features.

New features include:
  • Compatible with external GPS receiver for installations with existing antennas
  • External signalling output to support other systems
  • IRIG time code
  • Time matched, alarm, and periodic
  • Precision 1PPS
  • Precision 10 MHz
  • Enhanced internal oscillator accuracy

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