Tilt-Spindle Machining Center has heavy-duty, modular design.

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Modular HMC 1250/1600 Series is available with 180,000-position A-axis tilt-spindle, for 5-axis horizontal machining on large aerospace and energy parts, and 5 other spindle options. System provides 56-80 kW spindle power and 7,870 lb Z-axis thrust and also has 118 in. work-zone swing, 81 in. work-height capacity, and 15,400 lb pallet load capacity. Full-contouring, 360,000-position hydrostatic rotary table is included as well as full work zone enclosure pre-engineered for mist collection.

Original Press Release:

New Tilt-Spindle Machining Center for Aero & Energy Parts

Heavy-duty HMC series adds new tilt-spindle for 5-axis productivity on aerospace and energy parts

Large-part HMC Series adds 180,000-position A-axis tilt-spindle to headstock options, which also include high-torque 2600 Nm titanium spindle

MAG's modular HMC 1250/1600 Series will be exhibited at IMTS with a new 180,000-position A-axis tilt-spindle for 5-axis horizontal machining on large aerospace and energy parts. The HMS1250/1600 Series now includes six spindle options to suit special-purpose or general machining requirements. The new 6000 rpm/46-kW (61.6-hp) tilt-spindle joins an all-around 10,000 rpm/ 56-kW (75-hp) spindle, high-speed 24,000 rpm spindle, high-torque 2600 Nm/80-kW (1918 ft lb) spindle and two live spindles (110 or 130 mm diameter). The high-torque spindle (also exhibited at IMTS) is especially suited for aerospace titanium cutting, while the live spindles extend W-axis reach by up to 800 mm (31.5 in), enabling deep cavity milling to high precision with shorter, more rigid tool lengths. Standard on the live spindle, MAG's exclusive Z-axis thermal compensation software dynamically offsets spindle growth to maintain tight tolerances.

The HMC 1250 Series is engineered for high-precision, high-productivity machining of large aerospace, power generation, pump, valve, and off-road equipment parts. Designed for extreme application flexibility, the machine offers maximum 3000 mm (118 in) work-zone swing, 2050 mm (81 in) work-height capacity and 7000 kg (15,400 lb) pallet load capacity. Major machine components, including the X-bed, Z-bed and column, are cast ductile iron, with 1250 x 1600 mm pallets, headstock and rotary table housings of gray cast iron. Modular design provides a range of machine travels, 60- to 120-tool magazines and two control choices.

Powerful and agile, the new HMC offers 56 to 80 kW (75 to 107 hp) spindle power, 35 kN (7870 lb) Z-axis thrust, and super-rigid, full-contouring hydrostatic rotary table. The 360,000-position contouring table provides a rigid work platform, while a rugged worm gear drive with clamp securely holds axis position. Rotary table positioning accuracy is 10 arc seconds, repeatable to 5 arc seconds. Positioning accuracy of the tilt-spindle is 4 arc seconds, repeatable to 2 arc seconds.

Meeting industry needs for tighter part tolerances and greater machining accuracies, the HMC Series comes standard with linear scale feedback in X, Y and Z axes, providing 8 micron (0.0003 in) positioning accuracy and 5 micron (0.0002 in) repeatability. Heavy-duty hardened and ground roller guide ways enable a rapid traverse rate of 40 m/min (1575 ipm) with high acc/dec rates, double the load capacity and nearly 10 times the wear life of ball-type ways. The full work zone enclosure on the machine is pre-engineered for mist collection and includes a doorway for operator access with walkway/platform inside.

About MAG

MAG is a leading machine tool and systems company serving the durable goods industry worldwide with complete manufacturing solutions. With a strong foundation based upon renowned brands such as Cincinnati, Cross Hüller, Fadal, Giddings & Lewis, Hüller Hille, Witzig & Frank, Hessapp, Ex-Cell-O, Honsberg and Boehringer, MAG is recognized as the preeminent provider of tailored production solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. Key markets served include aerospace, automotive and truck, heavy equipment, oil and gas, rail, solar energy, wind turbine production and general machining.

With manufacturing and support operations strategically located worldwide, MAG offers comprehensive lines of equipment and technologies including process development, automated assembly, turning, milling, automotive powertrain production, composites processing, maintenance, automation and software, and core components.

For more information about MAG, please visit: www.mag-ias.com

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