TIG Welders come in Ready-Pak(TM) systems.

Press Release Summary:

Models TIG 275 and 375 feature MicroStart(TM) TIG technology, which provides arc starting at low amperage levels of 2 A dc or 5 A ac. Units include cable management system, water-cooled torch connections, under-cooler cart water cooler, and separate output studs for work cable/clamp and electrode holder. Ready-Paks are fully assembled and include TIG 275 or 375, zippered torch cover, parts kit, foot Amptrol®, 2 water hoses, gas regulator/flowmeter, work cable and clamps, and PWT-20 TIG torch.

Original Press Release:

Lincoln Electric's Precision(TM) TIG 275 and 375 Now Available in Ready-Pak(TM) Systems

MicroStart(TM) TIG Technology Provides Superb Welding Performance

Cleveland, Ohio -- The Lincoln Electric Company is pleased to introduce its popular Precision TIG 275 and 375 TIG units in new Ready-Pak(TM) welding systems. They are the world's first machines to offer the patent-pending MicroStart(TM) TIG technology, which provides superior arc starting at low amperage levels - even as low as 2 amps DC, 5 amps AC. Micro-Start offers revolutionary arc performance ideal for critical AC welding in fabrication, aerospace, production, motorsports and vocational applications.

Ready-Paks welding systems are delivered fully assembled and ready to weld; users just need to add shielding gas. By ordering the Ready-Pak, users will receive the following items all with just one product number:
o Precision TIG 275 or 375
o Zippered Torch Cover
o Under-Cooler Cart Water Cooler
o Parts Kit
o Foot Amptrol®
o Two Water Hoses
o Harris® Gas Regulator/Flowmeter & Hose Kit
o Work Cable and Clamp
o PWT-20 Pro-Torch(TM) TIG Torch

These units are especially suited for welding specialty alloys and aluminum. The units have a smooth, stable arc that can easily ramp down and crater out to unmatched low amperage

The Precision TIG units offer the following value-added features:
o Neat and organized cable management system with integrated torch holster
o Water-cooled torch connections with no adapters
o Built-in storage for torch consumables
o Simple, easy-to-use controls and energy-efficient design
o An under-cooler cart water cooler featuring a Pro-Con® pump
o Separate output studs for work cable/clamp and electrode holder to quickly change between stick and TIG processes

The Precision TIG 375 also offers built-in Advanced Pulsing Control that integrates TIG pulsing and downslope controls into the machine while standard power factor correction capacitors save on electricity when welding at higher currents. Both of
these features are optional on the Precision TIG 275.

The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of arc welding equipment and consumables, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment.

This product is available at a welding supply store near you. Or, call 1-888-355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain Bulletins E3.42 and E3.51 to learn more about the Precision TIG Ready-Pak welding systems.


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