Tie-Down Product secures loads without rope tying skills.

Press Release Summary:

Using rope with diameters from ¼-½ in. dia, The Lasher is designed to facilitate use by anyone who uses ropes or tie-downs to secure loads. Tie-down product gives 8:1 mechanical advantage and does not require knot-tying skills. It has no hooks or buckles to interfere in operations, and 2 ropes can be joined together if needed. Made of nylon with fiber added for strength, product can used anywhere rope is used for tying-down items.

Original Press Release:

New Innovative Rope Tie-Down Product Requiring No Rope-Tying Skills Makes Securing Loads Easier and Safer

FALLBROOK, Calif., Aug. 20 -- Significant Products of Fallbrook, California is introducing "The Lasher," a new and unique tie-down product that uses common rope from 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. It gives you an 8 to 1 mechanical advantage. This device is easy to use, eliminates the need for knot-tying skills and has no hooks or buckles to get in your way. You can also join 2 ropes together if needed. Anyone who uses ropes or tie-downs will find this an invaluable addition to their toolbox. Use it anywhere you use rope for tying-down items. The Lasher is made of tough nylon with fiber added for incredible strength. The Lasher retails for around $14.95. You can find more details and a video that shows The Lasher at work on our website: thelasher.com/.

CONTACT: Danny J Goff of Significant Products LLC,

Web site: thelasher.com/

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