Ticona Celcon® / Hostaform® POM and Other Brands Now Available for Direct Sale to Customers in Japan

Florence, Ky., Sulzbach, Germany, Shanghai - Ticona Japan, a business of Celanese Corporation, today announced it will sell for the first time in Japan both Celcon® and Hostaform® acetal copolymer (POM) along with other Ticona brands of high-performance thermoplastics.

"Since the move to our new offices in Tokyo is complete, our team is well positioned to sell our complete line of products to customers in Japan, except Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)," said Koji Ito, Japan country director of Ticona. "Now, customers can purchase Ticona engineering polymers in Japan directly, as well as globally."

To showcase the materials and capabilities available to support the global needs of Japan-based customers, Ticona is participating at the 2012 Automotive Engineering Exhibition in Yokohama May 23 to 25. Ticona will exhibit (Booth #M29) its material, design and technical resources that can help automotive customers achieve their goals in the use of engineering resins.

"We are committed to the Ticona brand promise - to deliver Performance Driven Solutions(TM) - in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific Region," Ito said.

Ticona works together with a variety of customers throughout the world, especially in metal replacement where weight and cost reduction can be achieved with innovative structural and functional components that rely on light weight, cost-effective, engineering polymers. For example, these materials enable automotive original equipment manufacturers and tier suppliers to:

o Optimize the balance of functionality, performance, aesthetics and costs

o Consolidate a number of parts into a single structural plastic component, which can also eliminate assembly operations and improve quality

o Achieve stylish, contemporary designs

Many examples of the solutions that Ticona delivers to global customers will be on display in the Ticona exhibit at the 2012 Automotive Engineering Exhibition. Examples will include automotive parts such as instrument panels, door handles, battery trays and fuel sending units that rely on innovative polymers from Ticona:

o Celcon® / Hostaform® POM - outstanding wear, long-term fatigue, toughness and creep resistance as well as excellent resistance to moisture, solvents and strong alkalis

o Celanex® thermoplastic polyester (PBT) - high strength, rigidity and toughness, low creep even at high temperatures and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases

o Celstran® / Compel® / Factor® - long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) - excellent mechanical properties, impact and creep resistance, and low warpage for metal replacement applications

o Celstran® continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFR-TP) - unidirectional tapes, rods and profiles provide high levels of stiffness and toughness, high-performance dimensional, mechanical and thermal properties, and superior chemical and corrosion resistance

o GUR® ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) - outstanding abrasion resistance, superior impact resistance, non-sticking and self-lubricating properties and excellent mechanical properties, even in cryogenic conditions

o Impet® thermoplastic polyester (PET) - outstanding physical properties and superior thermal and chemical resistance, with the ability to support higher temperature exposure

o Riteflex® thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET) - combining the favorable characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the easy processability of thermoplastics for toughness, tear and flex fatigue resistance over a wide temperature range

o Vandar® thermoplastic polyester alloy (PBT) - combines the seemingly contradictory properties of high ductility and good stiffness with the excellent chemical and thermal resistance of polyester

o Vectra® / Zenite® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) - exceptionally precise and stable dimensions, high-temperature performance and chemical resistance in very thin-walled applications

o Thermx® polycyclohexylene dimethylene terephthalate (PCT) - superior performance and value through improved heat resistance, fast molding cycles and excellent processability

The Tokyo office also offers customers in Japan full-time service for molding trials and application design and development, as well as access to the Ticona global design and computer-aided engineering, processing and troubleshooting part finishing and testing facilities in Shanghai, China, and Florence, Ky., and Sulzbach, Germany.

The new Ticona Japan offices are located at:

Holland Hills Mori Tower 17F

5-11-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0001


Tel: +81-3-3436-3168

Fax: +81-3-3436-3186

Web: www.ticona.jp (Japanese language)

"In Japan and the rest of Asia, Ticona is strategically positioning itself to deliver the right material to meet our customer application requirements and the right people to deliver the best solution fast," said Ito of Ticona. "Our global reach, extensive product offering, and engineering and science capabilities enable us to work with our customers in Japan and Asia at any stage in their process - be it at early concept or in full production."

Ticona is a global company of material scientists, design engineers, technical support experts, account managers and customer service representatives dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals in the use of engineering resins. It is a solutions-driven company that uses advanced polymer technology to produce high performance plastic materials that are used in a wide spectrum of applications - from medical devices and industrial gears, to minute optical components and large automotive body parts.

About Ticona and Celanese

Ticona, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, produces and markets a broad range of high performance products, and posted net sales of $1,298 million in fiscal 2011. Ticona employs more than 1,500 individuals at production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany, Brazil and China. For more information, please visit www.ticona.com or www.ticona.cn (Chinese language).

Celanese Corporation is a global technology leader in the production of specialty materials and chemical products which are used in most major industries and consumer applications. Our products, essential to everyday living, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for operational excellence, sustainability and premier safety performance, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with best-in-class technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 7,600 employees worldwide and had 2011 net sales of $6.8 billion, with approximately 73% generated outside of North America. For more information about Celanese Corporation and its global product offerings, visit www.celanese.com or the company's blog at www.celaneseblog.com.

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