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TI Introduces Motor Driver Family with Integrated Power Management and CAN Interface for Use in Automotive Functional Safety Applications

DALLAS -- Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today expanded the industry's first automotive motor driver family intended to help TI customers design automotive applications to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262. With three new devices added today, the DRV32xx-Q1 family now comprises four 3-phase, brushless, pre-FET motor drivers equipped with built-in diagnostic capabilities. The DRV3202-Q1 offers automotive system designers integrated power management and CAN interface to help reduce board space and design complexity in their safety-critical applications. The DRV3203-Q1 and DRV3204-Q1 help TI customers design safety-critical applications to meet ASIL-B, while the DRV3201-Q1, previously introduced in October, 2012 helps TI customers design safety-critical applications to meet ASIL-D requirements.

The three new motor drivers added to the family provide designers with highly reliable and space-saving options intended to help them address the challenges of space constraints and harsh conditions such as high-temperature, low-voltage start-stop and cold crank situations. Applications in which these devices may be used include power steering, hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles (HEV/EV), power train, oil pump, water pump and electric braking systems. For more information or to order samples, visit

Key features and benefits of the DRV32xx-Q1 family:

--  Optimized component count and board space for cost- and space-sensitive applications: The DRV3202-Q1 integrates a voltage regulator and CAN interface to reduce component count and minimize system cost and board space.

--  Built-in diagnostics: The DRV32xx-Q1 family integrates hard-wired diagnostic circuits including a pre-FET driver short, over/under voltage and over temperature. The system's microcontroller can quickly communicate with the DRV32xx-Q1 family and monitor internal status through serial peripheral interface (SPI).

--  Devices help TI customers design applications to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262: The DRV3201-Q1 can help TI customers design critical-safety applications, such as electric power steering and electric braking systems, to meet ASIL-D requirements, and the DRV3204-Q1 and DRV3203-Q1 can help customers design safety applications, such as oil pump and water pump, to meet ASIL-B requirements.

--  Design simplicity for start-stop and cold crank applications: With an integrated boost regulator, the DRV3201-Q1 eliminates the need for a large capacitor to hold battery voltage. With an integrated low drop-out linear regulator controller (LDO) and an external FET, the DRV3203-Q1 and DRV3204-Q1 also eliminate the need for a large capacitor or external boost regulator. This integration simplifies design and speeds up development time.

Highly integrated motor drivers for non-safety critical automotive applications

TI has also expanded its portfolio of DRV8x motor drivers to include new devices for automotive applications that span a complete range of motors including brushed DC (BDC), stepper, and brushless DC (BLDC). The highly integrated DRV8801-Q1, DRV8823-Q1, DRV8832-Q1 and DRV8301-Q1 can reduce board space by as much as 60% compared to the competition enabling smaller, more cost effective designs. All four devices support an operating ambient temperature range of -40 to 125C, targeting non-safety critical automotive applications such as retractable navigation screens; adjustable side mirrors; adaptive front lighting; fuel pumps; and seat, door, and window control. The new devices include the following:

--  DRV8801-Q1 brushed DC motor driver, featuring 8-V to 38-V operating range and up to 2.8-A peak output.

--  DRV8823-Q1 quad brushed, dual stepper motor driver, featuring 8-V to 32-V operating range and up to 1.5-A peak output current.

--  DRV8832-Q1 brushed DC motor driver, featuring 2.75-V to 6.8-V operating range and up to 1-A peak output current.

--  DRV8301-Q1 3-phase brushless motor pre-driver, featuring 6-V to 60-V operating range and integrating a gate drive up to 1.7-A, 1.5-A step-down voltage regulator, and dual low side current sense amplifiers.

Tools and support:

Simulation models and evaluation modules (EVMs) are available for the DRV3203-Q1 and DRV3204-Q1 at

Evaluation modules (EVMs) are also available today for the DRV8801-Q1, DRV8823-Q1, DRV8832-Q1 and DRV8301-Q1.

Availability, packaging and pricing

3-phase, brushless, pre-FET motor drivers for safety-critical automotive applications:

--  DRV3202-Q1: Available in an HTQFP 80-pin package priced at US$3.80 in 1,000-unit quantities.

--  DRV3201-Q1: Available in an HTQFP 64-pin package priced at US$2.63 in 1,000-unit quantities.

--  DRV3204-Q1 and DRV3203-Q1: Grade 1 (Ta=125C) devices are available immediately for ordering and Grade-0 (Ta=150C) devices will be available in October 2013. Both Grade 1 and Grade 0 devices will be available in an HTQFP 48-pin package. 

The DRV3204-Q1 is priced at US$2.63 for 100-unit quantities and the DRV3203-Q1 is available upon request.

These devices are available for immediate ordering at

Motor drivers for non-safety critical automotive applications:

--  DRV8801-Q1 brushed DC motor driver: Available now in a thin-profile 16-pin QFN package for enhanced thermal dissipation, priced at US$1.50.

--  DRV8823-Q1 quad brushed, dual stepper motor driver: Available now in a 48-pin HTSSOP package, priced at US$2.34.

--  DRV8832-Q1 brushed DC motor driver: Available now in a 10-pin MSOP package, priced at US$1.00.

--  DRV8301-Q1 3-phase brushless motor pre-driver:  Available in the fourth quarter, 2013, the DRV8301-Q1 will come in a 56-pin HTSSOP package priced at US$3.00.

SafeTI design packages and components 

--  TI's SafeTI(TM) design packages  help designers build safety-critical  systems that meet industry-standard safety requirements and also better manage both systematic and random failures. Using SafeTI components helps make it easier for customers to achieve safety certification and get to market more quickly with their safety-critical systems

--  Hercules(TM) MCU platform consists of three ARM® Cortex(TM)-based microcontroller families: TMS470M, TMS570 and RM4x, intended to help TI customers design applications that meet IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 functional safety standards. The Hercules platform provides advanced integrated safety features while delivering scalable performance, connectivity and memory options:

--  The TPS65381-Q1 is a multi-rail power supply designed to supply power to microcontrollers in automotive safety-critical applications. This device supports TI's TMS570LS series 16/32-bit RISC flash MCU and other microcontrollers with dual-core lockstep (LS) or loosely coupled architectures (LC), integrating multiple supply rails to power the MCU, CAN or FlexRay, and an external sensor. TPS65381-Q1 helps TI customers design automotive applications that meet IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 functional safety standards:

Texas Instruments drives automotive innovation

TI's state-of-the-art semiconductor products allow manufacturers and system suppliers to deliver world-class features to the automotive market. Our extensive automotive portfolio includes analog power management, interface and signal chain solutions, along with DLP(®) displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, Hercules(TM) TMS570 microcontrollers and wireless connectivity solutions. TI offers SafeTI(TM) devices designed to help facilitate OEMs' compliance with the requirements of ISO 26262, as well as parts specifically designated as compliant with the AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, all with product documentation. Click here to learn more.

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