Three-Screw Crude Oil Pump survives harsh conditions.

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As rotary positive displacement pump with constant and nonpulsating flow, Imo® 8L-912Y helps accommodate movement of heavy crude from onshore and offshore oilfields to downstream operations. It accommodates up to 24 in. dia pipelines and can transport over 85,000 barrels of oil per day at pressures to 2,000 lb/in.². Hydraulic nature provides volumetric and overall operating efficiencies, and performance can be controlled via variable-speed drive to dial in required flow rate.

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Colfax Produces World's Largest Three-Screw Crude Oil Pipeline Pump

New pump capable of serving pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter, transporting more than 85,000 barrels of crude oil per day

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 5 -- Colfax Corporation (NYSE: CFX), a global leader in fluid-handling solutions for critical applications, announced it has begun production of the world's largest rotary positive displacement three-screw crude oil pump. The Imo® 8L-912Y pump can be installed on pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter and can cost-effectively transport more than 85,000 barrels of oil per day at pressures to 2,000 pounds per square inch.

"We've been getting more requests for larger crude oil transport pumps, so we developed the 8L-912Y after consultation with our customers," said John A. Young, president and CEO of Colfax. "The crude oil transport infrastructure is being updated to accommodate the movement of heavy crude from onshore and offshore oilfields to downstream operations. Transporting more viscous fluids with rotary positive displacement screw pumps saves energy and reduces costs compared to using centrifugal pumps for the same job. As a result, oil companies and pipeline operators are retrofitting older pipeline booster stations and, where necessary, building new pipeline networks using rotary positive displacement screw pumps to move the heavier crude oil to end markets."

Colfax's Imo® 8L Series of pumps are rotary positive displacement screw pumps that have become the standard for transporting heavy crude because they provide the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the pipeline. These pumps have proven themselves in hundreds of installations under the harshest conditions around the world during the past 30 years. Heavy crude oil pipeline design engineers specify the Imo 8L Series screw pumps because they are more efficient than equivalent centrifugal pumps, lowering pipeline operating costs by nearly 30 percent. On an annual basis, this saves operators millions of dollars in reduced energy costs besides having a favorable impact on the environment.

The hydraulic principle behind screw pump operation delivers both high volumetric and high overall operating efficiencies. In addition, Imo 8L Series pumps offer long mean time between repairs and provide ease-of-maintenance features that maximize pipeline uptime.

Other advantages of the Imo 8L Series of pumps include:
-- Constant flow, even in the presence of varying system back pressures due to changes in viscosity.
-- Nonpulsating flow, without the need for pulsation dampeners, eliminates stresses imposed on the pipeline system and reduces the risk of pipeline failure.
-- Low noise and vibration levels, minimizing foundation requirements.

Colfax engineered additional cost-saving features for the 8L-912Y pump. "This pump requires no external lube system and can be direct-coupled to a synchronous-speed driver, without the need for a gear reducer," said Keith Schafer, vice president of sales and marketing for Colfax Americas, located at the Monroe, N.C., plant where this pump type is made. "This greatly reduces the overall footprint of the equipment and simplifies the driver-to-pump alignment. A simpler solution is a more reliable one."

He continued, "One of the other advantages of this pump series is that its performance can be further controlled with the use of a variable-speed drive to dial in the required flow rate, a capability that centrifugal pumps just can't deliver. This further reduces the customer's overall operating expense by eliminating recirculation when downstream delivery demands change."

To learn more about the Imo 8L-912Y pump, contact Ben Martin, director of marketing for Colfax Americas, at or 704-289-6511, ext. 2430.

ABOUT COLFAX CORPORATION - Colfax Corporation is a global leader in critical fluid-handling products and technologies. Through its global operating subsidiaries, Colfax manufactures positive displacement industrial pumps and valves used in oil & gas, power generation, commercial marine, global naval and general industrial markets. Colfax's operating subsidiaries supply products under the well-known brands Allweiler, Fairmount Automation, Houttuin, Imo, LSC, Portland Valve, Tushaco, Warren and Zenith. Colfax is traded on the NYSE under the ticker "CFX." Additional information about Colfax is available at

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