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Three-Phase Synchronous Motors come in 6 different sizes.

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Mar 04, 2009 - With optimized torque ripple and stall torque between 0.8-2.5 Nm, 8JS three-phase synchronous motors have sinusoidal commutation with EnDat encoder or resolver as feedback unit. They directly divert lost power generated in stator to flange via housing, allowing regeneration of energy.

B & R Industrial Automation - Roswell, GA

Original Press Release

Highly Dynamic and Compact

Press release date: Feb 01, 2009

B&R's synchronous motor product family received an additional member with the compact 8JS three-phase synchronous motors. The universal 8JS motor series features high performance with a compact size. The permanent magnet, electronically commutated synchronous motors are designed for applications requiring excellent dynamics and positioning precision.

Excellent dynamic properties 8JS motors have sinusoidal commutation with an EnDat encoder or resolver as feedback unit. The exceptionally effective rotor design ensures minimized moment of inertia and provides the motor with the best possible dynamic properties. The possibility to directly divert lost power generated in the stator to the flange via the housing guarantees efficient regeneration of energy. An optimized torque ripple and a stall torque between 0.8 and 52.5 Nm fulfills all requirements for sophisticated motor solutions.

Compact and powerful The self-cooled 8JS motors are available in six different sizes and offer the user the most freedom possible for application tasks where space is an issue. Easy access to mounting screws for fastening the flange makes it possible to install motors easily without negatively affecting other parts of the system. 8JS series motors have a high overload capability and an exceptionally long lifespan.

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