Three Additional Air Force Bases to Adopt ARINC System for D-ATIS Broadcasts

Annapolis, Maryland, USA, December 19, 2007-ARINC Engineering Services, LLC, today announced plans to install ADATS(TM), its widely-used automated broadcast system for D-ATIS messages, at three additional U.S. Air Force bases. The new installations at Eglin, Randolph and Elmendorf AFBs are scheduled for completion in February, and will bring the total number of Air Force ADATS installations to twenty-one.

ADATS (the ARINC D-ATIS Tower System) is automated technology that supports air traffic controllers by eliminating many distracting and repetitive tasks associated with routine manual ATIS updates. The use of the ADATS system results in increased efficiency and enhanced situational awareness for controllers.

"ADATS will permit the air traffic control personnel in these Air Force towers to automatically create, monitor, and broadcast ATIS messages," stated Bob Tavik, ARINC's ADATS Manager. "They should realize a dramatic increase in organizational efficiency as well as better reliability in the performance of ATIS operations."

A product of ARINC Engineering Services, the ADATS system automatically converts standard D-ATIS (Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service) text into clear voice messages for broadcast to aircraft. It also forwards a copy of every D-ATIS message to
ARINC's global Air Traffic Services database, where the messages are available for uplink to all aircraft equipped with Aircraft Communication, Addressing & Reporting System (ACARS®) commercial data link. There are currently more than 10,000 ACARS-equipped aircraft in operation.

The ADATS system uses advanced speech technology developed by STR- SpeechTech Ltd., of Victoria, BC, Canada. The STR text-to-speech (TTS) process features a natural-sounding text-to-voice translator and is becoming the industry's benchmark for superior quality voice output, a requirement for the broadcast of critical messages.

The ADATS system is easily configured to the needs of individual airfields, and offers pull-down menus and templates for entering text information on runway conditions, Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs), airfield conditions, and local weather data. ADATS also accepts digital text and code from industry-standard air traffic control systems.

The installations at Eglin, Randolph and Elmendorf AFBs will increase the total number of ADATS systems in use to twenty-three, including two at U.S. Army airfields.

STR-SpeechTech is an industry leader in text-to-speech technology and supplies StarCaster® broadcast software for D-ATIS sites in Canada. An on-line demo is available at

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