Threaded Inserts resist corrosion.

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Atlas® Spintite® SS half-hex shank threaded inserts are suited for blind attachment applications where one side of panel is accessible for assembly. Body design provides resistance to rotation and low-profile head minimizes protrusions. Units can be used in panels of any hardness as thin as .020 in. and can be installed utilizing hand-held portable spin-pull tool. Manufactured from 300 series SS, they are available in unified and metric thread sizes from #8-32 to 5/16-18 and M4-M8.

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New Fastener Product: Atlas® Spintite® Stainless Half-Hex Threaded Inserts Offer Superior Corrosion Resistance

New Atlas® SpinTite® stainless steel half-hex shank threaded inserts offer superior corrosion resistance and provide ideal fastening hardware solutions for "blind" attachment applications where only one side of a panel is accessible for assembly. Their hex body design for installation in hex holes promotes high resistance to rotation and a low-profile head minimizes protrusions.

These stainless threaded inserts provide practical alternatives to tapped holes, weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws and can enable close-to-edge mounting. They can be used in panels of any hardness as thin as .020"/0.51mm and can be installed permanently anywhere and at any stage in the shop or field utilizing a hand-held portable spin-pull tool.

An added advantage is that during fastener installation several thin sheets of dissimilar materials can be assembled before attaching final components. This capability eliminates any need to perform spot welding or other secondary operations, which can save production steps, time, and costs.

These inserts are made from 300 Series stainless steel and are available in unified and metric thread sizes from #8-32 through 5/16-18 and M4 through M8. Detailed specifications (Bulletin AETHC) and free part drawings (PEM CAD Library) can be accessed at

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