Think Big, Build Small with Confidence - New-Generation REOWAVE®Passive Harmonic Filters from REO-USA Raise the Bar on Lowering Distortion, Expand Design Options

INDIANAPOLIS – Good news for manufacturers of equipment going into commercial HVAC installations, pumping stations, wind turbines or anywhere else where harmonics can cause machine malfunctions, excess energy consumption and shorten equipment life. Now engineers can design smaller, less costly and more efficient systems using thyristors or frequency converters and concurrently combat harmonics from these non-linear loads by incorporating REO-USA's new-generation REOWAVE®passive harmonic filters.

"Specially designed circuitry enables REOWAVEpassive filters to dramatically limit non-linear power distortion in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motors," says Alex Ward, Technical Sales Engineer for the Indianapolis, Indiana-based firm. "This gives users greater flexibility to engineer products with higher current ratings as well as less power loss, without rampant harmonic content impeding product performance."

Meets IEEE 519 standards, boost network stability, extend equipment life.

Ward points out that Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in converters that don't have this protection can skyrocket, whereas REOWAVEpassive filters keep THD well within the mandated IEEE 519 standard of 5%.

"The more equipment you have in a room, the more non-linear load harmonics you have that could create resonances in power supply networks, cause measurement errors, trip fuses, or create faults in IT systems," he notes. "REOWAVEpassive provides an efficient way to smooth out, soften and significantly reduce potentially disruptive distortions, helping to stabilize network operation."

Distortion reduction also results in less destruction of insulation in motors, VFDs and other equipment, he adds, which not only prevents system malfunctions but extends the life of transformers.

Cut current consumption, as well as equipment costs.

Furthermore, REOWAVEpassive filters significantly reduce unnecessary energy consumption driven by harmonics, offering design engineers additional, related advantages.

"There is no need to ‘size up' equipment to take on added current," Ward asserts. "In fact, the combination of reduced current and current harmonics with REOWAVEpassive filters enables the use of smaller fuses, cabling and transformers. Where space is at a premium and cost is an issue – which is virtually everywhere – REOWAVEpassive provides opportunity to expand product lines with options that today's marketplace is looking for."

REOWAVEpassive benefits are not limited to all-new equipment configurations, either. Simply connecting REOWAVEpassive filter inputs and outputs to existing devices initiates cost-saving operation, without harmonics problems.

A single suitably rated filter can suppress several linear loads. If more power capacity is needed, filter design allows two REOWAVEpassives to be parallel connected. The 480V, 60Hz new-generation filters can handle current from 6A to 12000A, and are available in an extensive range of sizes to fit equipment for virtually any installation.

"The recent ratings increase is significant since we are only one of two companies to offer these current levels, and we can provide a custom package to meet a user's mechanical dimension needs," says Ward. "Whether engineering new products or reducing distortion-caused malfunctions and extending the life of equipment in existing operations, advanced REOWAVEpassive harmonic filter technology enables users to do more with less."

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