Thin Film Analyzers perform on-line composition analysis.

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Non-contact, solid-state AOTF-NIR Thin Film Analyzers measure physical and chemical properties on various substrates and coatings. Able to be placed within production lines, instruments perform on-line specification verification and chemical composition analysis/evaluation of adhesives, coatings thickness, and organic lacquers or lubricants. Sensors provide full spectrum scanning and can be interfaced with main plant PLCs or DCS.

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State-Of-The-Art Thin Film Analyzers

BRIMROSE manufactures a family of high speed AOTF-NIR Thin Film Analyzers that perform ON-LINE measurement of physical and chemical properties on a wide range of substrates and coatings with extreme accuracy. To optimize the production process the instrument can be placed within the production lines where accurate analytical monitoring of thin polymer films or organic coatings is of importance. The instrument can be used for on-line specification verification, analyze and evaluate chemical compositions of adhesives, coatings thickness, organic lacquer or lubricant on metallic foils, tin-plates, steel sheets, metalized polymers and similar products. Applications include measurement of coating weight of adhesive and residual solvent which are routinely carried out with this new high speed on-line analyzer.

BRIMROSE Luminar systems are non-contact solid state sensors with a compact, rugged design, providing rapid full spectrum scanning for demanding industrial use. The instrument can be mounted on a traveler and scan across the web or can be used for statistical spot measurements. For instant and / or automated process adjustments, Brimrose's AOTF-NIR can be interfaced with the main plant PLC's or DCS.

The Luminar 2020 / 3020 is totally insensitive to ambient light, immune to vibration, dust, dirt and designed to work reliably and without maintenance in the production environment. A novel optical design makes the measurements of thin films or coatings a cost effective method for quality control and waste reduction.

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