Thin Clients offer remote operation and visualization.

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With Ethernet TCP/IP networking, Power Panel 100 and Automation PC 620 provide thin client solutions that cover distances greater than 3,280 ft. Entering passwords on clients is not necessary; preferred client automatically connects to server upon system startup. Operating on Windows CE, units use Compact Flash and feature fan-free operation, so there are no rotating parts. Automation PC 620s are equipped with Pentium M processors and 2 integrated Ethernet interfaces.

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Remote Operation and Visualization Using Thin Clients

Many machines and systems require separation of operating units and PCs. The B&R Automation PC offers an integrated Smart Display Link for distances up to 40 meters (130 feet). In some applications, e.g. for building automation, much longer distances must be covered. With the Power Panel and Automation PC 620, B&R offers an open client server solution for this purpose. Ethernet TCP/IP networking is the main advantage of the thin client solution. Long distances (> 1 km) (3,280 feet) can be covered using cost-effective standard components.

Thin client solutions for industrial applications
B&R offers powerful server and client development packages to create a useful industrial solution using the Windows "Remote Desktop Protocol" service. Entering passwords on the clients is not necessary. The preferred client automatically connects to the server upon system startup.

The inactive clients display a simple login screen. The application can then be pulled up on the screen using the mouse or keyboard. This prevents operating errors.

Power Panel 100 and Mobile Panel 100 as a thin client
Thin clients act as pure operating terminals, and the applications are executed on the server itself. The memory and processor power requirements for thin clients are relatively low, which allows the thin clients to also be thin in the sense of having a small installation depth. Power Panel 100 and Mobile Panel 100 devices with the Windows CE operating system are well-suited for thin client applications. The design is flat and robust, and the use of Compact Flash and fan-free operation means there are no rotating parts.

APC620 - a powerful server
Automation PC 620s are equipped with Pentium M processors and provide a high level of system performance. The two integrated Ethernet interfaces provide separate connections for the thin client network and the plant network.

Drives on the thin client
Since the application is running on the server, an Explorer window on the client displays the server and its file structure. If a drive is operated on the client (e.g. a USB memory stick), it is connected to the server via Ethernet and is available as a local server drive. This provides a simple and easy way of exchanging machine parameters.

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