Thin Cable Suspension System supports LED fixtures.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing vast range of gripper and ultra-thin cable combinations, Wisp™ Cable Suspension System fits almost any need in lighting, display, and art markets. System utilizes 7 x 7 stainless steel and galvanized aircraft cable with factory-fitted terminal, allowing cable to be attached to structure via cable coupler.

Original Press Release:

Thinnest Cable Suspension System on the Market

Griplock® Systems introduces a combination of grippers and ultra-thin cable unlike any other on the market today.

Carpinteria, CA — Griplock® Systems, LLC, a market leader in the cable suspension industry since 1992, introduces the thinnest cable suspension system on the market today, Wisp™.

“Wisp™ is perfect for the new lightweight LED fixtures now coming to market and any other lightweight artwork, sign or display system. It is dependable, without upstaging what’s truly important – your product,” states Sedge Dienst, Griplock Systems CEO.

Wisp™ is a thin and small, yet incredibly strong, combination of cables and grippers that come together in perfect harmony for the ultimate system of strength and ease-of-use. The Wisp™ Cable Suspension System has a vast range of gripper and cable combinations to fit almost any need in the lighting, display and art markets.

“Suspending your product with cables is modern and elegant,” states Hugo Napier, EVP of Sales. “But when you have something small or lightweight, you want the cables and grippers to match. Wisp™ provides the minimalistic look you want while delivering the strength you need.”

Griplock® suspension systems utilize 7x7 stainless steel and galvanized aircraft cable with a factory-fitted terminal, allowing the cable to be attached to structure via a cable coupler.

Griplock® is the safest, strongest, simplest and most versatile system of its kind on the market today, offering thousands of precision-made parts to fit almost every conceivable application. For more information contact Griplock® Systems at 805-566-0064.

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