Thickness Tester measures items with complex shapes.

Press Release Summary:

MiniTest FH 7000 Series Thickness Measurement Device utilizes Sensor-integrated digital Signal Processing SIDSP® technology to measure thicknesses in nonferrous materials. Device emits an electromagnetic field, which attracts its target ball to its sensor as you move it around in scan mode over any material, up to 400 mil thick, to be measured. Other features include SPC capabilities and context-sensitive on-line help.

Original Press Release:

MiniTest FH 7000 Series High-precision Thickness Measurement

MiniTest FH 7000 Series High-precision Thickness Measurement The new MiniTest FH 7000 Series features SIDSP® (Sensor-integrated digital Signal Processing) technology. SIDSP® provides greater accuracy and repeatability. And now with faster scan rates and the ability to measure down into tighter radius areas, the new Minitest truly is material testing in a new dimension. The MiniTest 7400 has in addition to the 7200, statistical graphing, real time trend, data base with up to 200 batches, 240,000 values with 1200 values per batch.


o Measurement on non-ferrous materials
o Menu-controlled user interface
o Measures up to 400 mils
o Context-sensitive on-line help
o Ideal for bottles, aluminum cans, glass and plastic components with complex shapes
o SPC capabilities
o Higher accuracy through SIDSP®

The Magneto-Static principle is used to measure the distance from the sensor tip to the target ball pictured. It is at the sensor tip where an electro-magnetic field is emitted (harmless) and received by the target ball. It magnetically attracts the target ball to the sensor, causing it to follow the sensor as you move the sensor around in a scan mode over the area to be measured. Additional probes are available with pricing on request.

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