Thickness Gauges measure materials up to 0.375 in. thick.

Press Release Summary:

All-metal, hand-held Series BNC measures thickness of sheet metal, card, paper, and other materials. Slight pull on top plate of units opens chrome-plated and lapped anvils, allowing material to be inserted. Thickness of material is displayed on dial face in inches to 0.001 in.

Original Press Release:

Pocket Dial Thickness Gauges

The BNS series of compact dial thickness gauges available from
GEI International, Inc. accurately measure the thickness of sheet metal, card, paper and other materials in one thousandth of an inch (0.001") increments. No special skills are required to use these gauges, and the thickness measured is displayed on a clock face type dial.

The compact gauges fit comfortably in the hand and a slight pull
on the top plate of the units opens the chrome plated and lapped
anvils allowing the material to be measured to be inserted. The
thickness of the material is dispayed on the dial face in inches
to 0.001".

These are the ideal device for anyone using paper, card or sheet
materials to check inventory, perform QC checks, identify
material, etc. These gauges will quickly measure thickness
and avoid costly errors of using incorrect materials.

The BNS series are of all metal construction for a long life in
commercial use. Materials up to 0.375" thick may be measured.

Further information and literature on the gauges is available from GEI International, Inc.

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