Thermostatic Mixing Valve handles flows to 100 gpm.

Press Release Summary:

Rada R Series valve provides total thermostatic control of central recirculating hot water systems. Flow-modulating internal design features control temperature of ±2°F at flows as low as 1 gpm. Thermostatic return-limiting device in valve monitors returning water temperatures and eliminates overnight temperature creep during zero-demand, idling periods. Also included: integral check valves and max temperature locking feature.

Original Press Release:

One Valve to Control Your Highs and Lows

Three Rivers, MI: A Rada "R" Series Thermostatic Mixing Valve from Armstrong gives you everything you need for consistent, total thermostatic control of your central recirculating hot water system. A Rada "R" Series valve has a flow-modulating internal design, which means that while it can deliver up to 100 gpm, it will also control temperature +/- 2°F at flows as low as 1 gpm. Rada "R" series valves feature a unique thermostatic return-limiting device that monitors returning water temperatures and eliminates dangerous overnight temperature creep.

For additional information on Armstrong's Rada "R" Series, contact Armstrong International, Inc., P.O. 408, Three Rivers, MI 49093, call 269-279-3602 or visit our Web site at

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