Thermoseal Inc. Announces KLINGER® Quantum Compressed Fiber Gasket Material Now Complies with FDA Food Requirements

Sidney, OH - Thermoseal Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of fluid sealing materials for a broad range of applications, has announced that the gasket material KLINGER® Quantum complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's requirements of Title 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) § 177.2600 and CFR § 180.22 to seal equipment and flanges in the food industry.

The (unprinted) gasket material was tested by an independent, accredited testing institute and is compliant with the extraction tests specified in FDA Title 21 CFR § 177.2600 (e) and (f) Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use and FDA Title 21 CFR § 180.22 (a) (3) Acrylonitrile Copolymers. FDA compliance opens up an already wide range of applications for gaskets made from KLINGER® Quantum, the first fiber-reinforced gasket material that is exclusively HNBR-bound. KLINGER® Quantum is now also suitable for safe usage in direct contact with aqueous or fatty acids and alcoholic foods during processing, production, packing, storage, transportation, and preparation at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

PTFE Alternative

"Our customers frequently ask for gasket materials that comply with FDA regulations", says Robert Leighty, Thermoseal's CEO. "In the past we have only been able to offer our PTFE gasket materials. Now we have KLINGER® Quantum to offer to our customers." Traditionally, PTFE based gasket materials have been used in FDA-compliant applications as well as in extreme sealing applications because of its excellent temperature and chemical resistance properties.

However, the raw material ingredient used in the production of the PTFE resin is in extremely short supply causing supply chain shortages and dramatic price increases.

Based on the end user's application, gaskets cut from Quantum material can be an economical sealing alternative.

Outstanding Properties, Universal Applications

The HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) binder gives Quantum gaskets exceptional temperature and chemical resistance compared to traditional compressed fiber materials. Quantum gaskets continue to perform, even after prolonged use at higher temperatures while other gaskets become brittle reducing the gasket's ability to adapt to changing temperatures and pressures. Quantum gaskets adapt to conditions caused by flange irregularities and misalignments to absorb additional forces in the gasket connection.

At high temperatures, KLINGER® Quantum offers a level of flexibility that is unprecedented in today's market. In addition to improved flexibility, this gasket material can be used with a much wider range of media than any other fiber reinforced gasket material that is currently available. Quantum gaskets ensure a safe connection, and the extended service periods save time and money.


In addition to the FDA compliance for food industries, KLINGER® Quantum gasket material has been tested and certified to other standards for industrial use such as Fire-Safe according to API 607, 5th edition; Gaseous Oxygen Service according to DIN EN 1797: 2002-02; KTW Recommendation for Potable Water; DVGW (German Assoc. for Gas and Water); and RoHS Compliance.

KLINGER Quantum gaskets are already successfully sealing an array of applications in chemical, petrochemical, and energy industries. This revolutionary gasket material is available from Thermoseal's centrally located factory in Sidney, Ohio for applications in the United States and Canada. For detailed information about KLINGER Quantum gasket material, call 800-990-7325 or visit the company's website at

Thermoseal Inc. is part of the group of independent Klinger companies, a leading supplier of industrial sealing and fluid control products worldwide. With over 30 operating companies throughout the world, Klinger manufactures, sells, and provides services to virtually all industries where fluids or gases have to be safely contained in pipelines and vessels such as petrochemical and chemical, paper, energy, mining, steel, water, and food.

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