Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers impart rubbery feel.

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VERSOLLAN(TM) TPE Alloys are offered in Shore A hardness of 55 and 65 and feature soft touch, high coefficient of friction, and dull, matte finish. They can be insert or 2-shot overmolded directly onto PC, ABS, or blends of PC and ABS. Alloys provide chemical and oil resistance. Applications include soft touch grips, handles, and knobs on hand and power tools; lawn and garden equipment; sports equipment; and telecommunications and business machines.

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TPE Manufacturer GLS Corporation Unveils New Generation of High Performance Rubberized Thermoplastic Urethane Alloys

McHENRY, IL - McHenry, IL - GLS Corporation, a leading TPE compounder for the consumer product marketplace, is introducing the thermoplastic elastomer industry's newest class of high performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomers. Called VERSOLLAN(TM) TPE Alloys, the new TPU alloys were developed to impart a rubbery, soft touch feel, and a rubber matte finish surface appearance, as well as many other benefits for consumer product manufacturers. The new alloys contain specialty thermoplastic polyurethanes from BASF Corporation, according to a new licensing agreement recently signed between the companies.

Initially offered in Shore A hardnesses of 55 and 65, with a 45 Shore A grade to follow shortly, the new VERSOLLAN alloys are among the softest TPU alloys available on the market. One of the key benefits for the new alloy is the "rubber" characteristic that has been designed into the compounds. Some applications, particularly in consumer products, require the performance properties of a TPU, but also desire a "rubbery" look and feel. VERSOLLAN provides a soft touch, high coefficient of friction, flexible "rubbery" feel, and accordingly, has a dull, matte finish, rubber look. In addition, the new alloys can be insert or 2-shot overmolded directly onto a variety of substrates such as PC, ABS, or blends of PC and ABS. Other benefits include good
mechanical properties such as tensile and tear strength, as well as providing good chemical and oil resistance. For processors, they are formulated to impart good moldability, easy processing, and improved cycle times.

Applications targeted for VERSOLLAN alloy compounds include soft touch grips, handles, and knobs on hand and power tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, telecommunications and business machines, as well as rubbery, high coefficient of friction, or impact resistant surfaces on hand-held electronics, caster wheels, and conveyer systems.

"One of the most significant benefits of this new product line is that it provides the designer with the versatility to customize the aesthetics of the compound to provide them with a differentiated product, while maintaining the performance properties associated with a TPU," notes GLS Corporation's Director of Marketing, Walt Ripple. "The new VERSOLLAN line offers some of the softest available TPU alloys on the market, and were developed to process more easily and with faster cycle times," concludes the company spokesman.

GLS Corporation has supplied elastomeric raw materials to the industry since 1979. The company has produced application-specific, custom TPE compounds since 1984; in 2001, the firm formed a strategic alliance with TPR manufacturer DSM; later in 2002 with GE Plastics to market a new line of Softfx(TM) hard engineering resin/soft TPE overmold combinations; and in the Fall of 2002, an agreement with BASF Corporation to market specialty rubberized TPU alloys. Products offered for molding and extrusion include KRATONt thermoplastic rubber compounds, DYNAFLEX® thermoplastic elastomer compounds, VERSAFLEX® TPE alloys, and new generation VERSALLOY® elastomer alloys, which exhibit enhanced performance properties. Applications are found in medical, sports and leisure, automotive, lawn and garden, appliance, kitchen tool, power tool, personal care and industrial markets, among others.

For further information on the new line of VERSOLLAN TPU alloys, contact: Marketing Department, GLS Corporation, 833 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry, IL 60050-7050. Telephone: (815) 385-8500 or (800) 457-8777. Fax: (815) 385-8533. E-mail:
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For further information on the extensive line of BASF Corporation polyurethanes, contact: BASF Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU), Stephane Morin, Sr. Mkt. Development Specialist, BASF Corporation, 1609 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, MI 48192. Tel: (734) 324-5193 or (800) 892-3111. Fax: (734) 324-6467. E-mail: Web Site:

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