Thermocouple Module offers 12 configurable input channels.

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Offered as high-density, analog input solution for reading thermocouple sensor data, APAX-5018 allows each of its 12 input channels to be configured with different input types and ranges regardless of voltage, current, and thermocouple inputs. Integrated wire burn-out detection enables each input channel to detect connection status of thermocouple sensors automatically. If thermocouple is not connected/sensed, channels return to configured values to avoid unexpected event occurrences.

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Advantech Launches a New 12-Channel Thermocouple Module

(Cincinnati, OH) - The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has announced the release of a new 12-channel thermocouple module, the APAX-5018, as part of the growing Advantech APAX product line. The APAX-5018 offers a 12-channel high density analog input solution for reading thermocouple sensor data, saving dimension and installation costs, and satisfying various application needs.

Furthermore, the APAX-5018 has configurable input channels that mean each input channel can be configured with different input types and ranges, regardless of the voltage, current and thermocouple inputs. Now, users don't need to buy separate modules for different input types and ranges. The APAX-5018 is also designed with wire burn-out detection functionality which means each input channel can detect the connection status of thermocouple sensors automatically. When the thermocouple is connected, the information read will operate as usual, otherwise, the APAX-5018 channels will return to the default values as configured to avoid unexpected event occurrences and increase system reliability.

The APAX-5018 thermocouple module can be integrated into Advantech APAX series solutions through versatile controllers (APAX-5570, APAX-5571 and APAX-5520), couplers (APAX-5070 Modbus/TCP and APAX-5072 EtherNet/IP) and also backplanes (APAX-5001 and 5002) to increase system scalability. There is also an optional APAX-5343E power supply module.

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