Thermo Oxidizer eliminates liquid waste.

Press Release Summary:

TO-30 Thermo Oxidizer safely eliminates 30 gph or 700 gal per day of plant's liquid waste. It is equipped with PLC and flame modulator, which provide automatic operation. Dry chamber flash evaporator eliminates corrosion problems. TO-30 can replace wash water recycling system, liquid waste storage and hauling, waste oil disposal, floor scrubber wastewater treatment system, and process water oils or solvents.

Original Press Release:

New Technology Eliminates All Liquid Wastes

West Palm Beach, Florida - RGF Environmental Group has announced a new model to their expanding line of Thermo Oxidizer total liquid elimination system. The RGF TO-30 completely and safely eliminates 30 gallons per hour or 700 gallons per day of a plant's liquid waste. The TO-30 joins the RGF TO-60 (1400 gpd) and TO-150 (3600 gpd). This one unit can replace:

* A wash water recycling system
* A liquid waste storage and hauling program
* Waste oil disposal or hauling
* Floor scrubber wastewater treatment system
* Reverse osmosis or ultra filter reject treatment
* Process wastewater oils or solvents
* Compressor condensate wastewater treatment system

The Thermo Oxidizer line has been embraced by numerous Fortune 500 firms with outstanding results. The unit is equipped with a PLC and flame modulator, which provide for a highly efficient and automatic operation. Paybacks are often less than six months. The Thermo Oxidizer is a dry chamber flash evaporator, which eliminates the maintenance and corrosion problems associated with a traditional evaporator.

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