Thermbond Announces an Enhanced Binder System for Highly Abrasive Refractory Applications

(Whitmore Lake, MI; July 15, 2008) - Stellar Materials Incorporated, manufacturers of Thermbond® Refractories and Phoscrete® Concretes announces the development of an enhanced binder system for use in their Thermbond line of refractory materials that delivers improved characteristics for highly abrasive applications. This modified technology resulted in the release of several new products, augmenting the many characteristics Thermbond is already noted for in Aluminum and Petrochemical applications.

Stellar's VP of Engineering, Jens Decker explains, "This enhanced binder system uses a variety of additives that allow us to use a lower wet-to-dry ratio, while still maintaining flowability. These additives provide higher abrasion resistance and strengths, with an extended setting time, compared to the established abrasion-resistant Formula Series 'A' mixes."

Two new Thermbond formulations that utilize this new technology are Formula 2104-A and Formula 6-AL.

Formula 2104-A is a castable grade material with a very low wet-to-dry ratio, relative to the original Thermbond mixes and is used primarily in aluminum applications. Decker compares Formula 2104-A to Formula 2104-L. "In the 'L' product we use 11% activator and in Formula 2104-A we use only 9%, yet we achieve similar flowability."

Like other "L" products, Formula 6-AL has a longer setting time, making it easier to cast. This new product also has high abrasion resistance - less than 13cc loss in the ASTM C-704 which is exceptional for a mullite-based material.

For Petrochemical applications, Formulas 12-L, 12-W and 2112-R were also enhanced/modified using the new binder technology. Formulas 12-L and 2112-R are hand-packed, ramming products. These products require only 7%-8% liquid activator.

Formula 12-W is a wash coat refractory with superior abrasion resistance - less than 5cc loss. This Formula works with a liquid activator content of 10%.

Sales Director, Brendan Gallagher comments, "In order to qualify our materials with a particular end user, we needed improved abrasion resistant properties on two products for a cyclone application in an FCCU. With the enhanced binder system in our Formula 12-L and 12-W products, we not only qualified our products, but we surpassed all expectations on installation!"

Jens Decker elaborates on this enhanced technology, "Along with the new additives we have a more refined grain size distribution. With proper dense packing of particles in the product, less activator is required. By using less activator we achieve higher density and better abrasion resistance."

Using these Thermbond products customers should expect to drastically increase the lifetime of the refractory lining in high-impact areas exposed to mechanical abuse.

Thermbond is manufactured in Whitmore Lake, Michigan with 14 company offices across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Thermbond is distributed internationally through exclusive strategic partners.

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Thermbond and Phoscrete are registered trademarks of Stellar Materials Incorporated.

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