Thermax SEAMLESS-T Composite Aerospace Wire Qualified to New AS22759 Specification Variations

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Thermax announced today that it has been officially qualified to the new AS22759 /180-/192 wire variation standards issued by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). In receiving this qualification, Thermax again raises the bar for outstanding performance, offering aerospace users a more mechanically durable wire via a tape-wrapped construction that features a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface. SEAMLESS-T Composite Wire also meets the enhanced electrical test and laser marking standards of the AS22759/180-/192 specification.

For over ten years, Thermax has been a leader in the development of seamless composite wires for the aerospace industry. With SEAMLESS-T, Thermax continues its legacy of offering industry leading products that meet the precise needs of the aerospace industry and other high performance applications.

About Thermax

Thermax, a division of Belden, is a world leader in the development of specialty wire and cable products. Thermax is at the forefront of wire and cable technology, designing and manufacturing products used in high-performance and harsh environments. Thermax specializes in the use of high-temperature fluoropolymer insulations used in the aerospace, military, transportation, and industrial markets. For more information, contact Marketing Communications at +1-317-818-6309 or visit

About Belden

St. Louis-based Belden Inc designs, manufactures, and markets cable, connectivity and networking products in markets including industrial automation, enterprise, transportation, infrastructure, and consumer electronics. It has approximately 7,000 employees, and provides value for industrial automation, enterprise, education, healthcare, entertainment and broadcast, sound and security, transportation, infrastructure, consumer electronics and other industries. Belden has manufacturing capabilities in North America, Europe and Asia, and a market presence in nearly every region of the world. Belden was founded in 1902, and today is a leader with some of the strongest brands in the signal transmission industry. For more information, visit

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