Thermally Conductive Adhesive Duralco 132 Dissipates Heat up to 500°F in Semi Conductor Devices

Duralco 132 thermally conductive adhesives combine Cotronics' unique, high temperature resins with highly conductive fillers to form thermally conductive, adhesive bonds with continuous service up to 500°F. Ideal for any Industrial, electrical or electronic high power application including: bonding and assembling heating coils, cooling coils, heating elements, heat sinks, reaction vessels, semi-conductors, rectifiers, power supplies, replacement for soldering and welding, etc.

Easy-to-use, just mix and apply Duralco 132 for excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. Offers excellent resistance to chemicals solvents and moisture. Provides the heat dissipation required for much high temperature electronic and industrial applications.100% solids formulations. No volatiles. No VOC's.

Duralco 132P is commonly used as a heat tracing adhesive which is used to bond heating or cooling tubing to equipment. Its' non-sag formulation and room temperature curing, provides for the most efficient placement of the heating or cooling coils.

Duralco 132 is the ideal choice for high temperature, high power electronic or industrial applications requiring high thermal conductivity.

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