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Thermal Transfer Ribbon aids printing covert marks on labels.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon aids printing covert marks on labels.

Aug 03, 2009 - Designed for security labeling applications, clear, resin-based UV fluorescent thermal transfer ribbon, RDZ produces printed text, barcodes, and label content that is only visible under UV light. It can be installed on standard thermal transfer barcode printer, and is compatible with synthetic label stocks, including polypropylenes, polyesters, and coated paper label materials.

Quick Label Systems - West Warwick, RI

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QuickLabel Systems Introduces UV Fluorescent Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Printing Covert Marks on Security Labels

Press release date: Jul 29, 2009

QuickLabel Systems today announced the introduction of a new thermal transfer ribbon for "security labeling" applications. The new ribbon, called RDZ, produces printed text, barcodes, and other label content that is only visible under ultraviolet light. When exposed to UV light, print produced by QuickLabel's RDZ ribbon appears to be a neon-bright fluorescent green or yellow, depending on the substrate.

"This ribbon is used for anti-counterfeiting label printing applications, in which the authenticity of a product must be verified on a production line or in a distribution center," said Elias G. Deeb, Vice President of Media Manufacturing. "A covert barcode or other security label marking printed using RDZ security ribbon can be easily read by a UV barcode scanner, and is also visible to the human eye in the presence of illumination from a UV light source such as a black light," he continued.

"For products at risk of being sold on the black market such as entertainment media and personal care and cosmetics products, security label printing with RDZ ribbon ensures low-cost authentication and accountability throughout the supply chain," Deeb continued.

RDZ ribbon looks like a standard roll of thermal transfer ribbon, and can be installed on a standard thermal transfer barcode printer in the usual way. "There is virtually no overhead required to add a security feature to your label with QuickLabel's RDZ ribbon," said Deeb. "Since it is used on a standard barcode printer, operators can easily install, print, and change their security mark instantly, incrementing expiration dates or serial numbers, for example."

"The security mark does not occupy any 'real estate' on the label itself, so it does not interfere with the design of the label," said Deeb. "Businesses with label designs which are approved through a lengthy regulatory or branding process will not need to fear design interference from security markings printed by the RDZ 'invisible' ribbon."

RDZ security ribbon is a clear, resin-based thermal film. It is compatible with synthetic label stocks, including polypropylenes, polyesters, and some coated paper label materials. Samples of RDZ security ribbon and samples of labels printed with RDZ security ribbon are available by contacting QuickLabel Systems at

More information about QuickLabel thermal transfer ribbons is available at:, or by telephoning 877-757-7978 or +401-828-4000 outside of the United States and Canada.