Thermal Spot Curing System uses infrared light.

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Providing heat by infrared radiation, iCure(TM) AS200 portable inline system is tailor-made for automated manufacturing processes requiring rapid adhesive curing and localized heating of bonded assemblies. System combines iGuide infrared optical fibers and infrared optical assembly with light source in microprocessor-controlled benchtop unit. Available with array of accessories for variety of applications, system eliminates need for multiple thermal ovens.

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IRphotonics Launches World's First Thermal Spot Curing System

IRphotonics' iCURE(TM) system offers faster and more accurate curing OF THERMAL ADHESIVES

Hamden, Connecticut, September 22, 2008 - IRphotonics, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Infrared-based materials and systems launched today a new type of thermal spot curing system, branded under the name iCure(TM).

The first product available in the Series, the iCure(TM) AS200, is a revolutionary inline fiber optic system that provides heat by Infrared radiation in a portable unit, to deliver faster and stronger cures than traditional methods. Using infrared light to generate heat, the iCure thermal spot curing system is tailor-made for automated manufacturing processes requiring rapid adhesive curing and localized heating of bonded assemblies.

"By using the iCure system, our customers will substantially improve quality, increase their throughput and reduce their assembly costs which are all critical factors in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry" said Ruben Burga, Vice-President Sales for IRphotonics. "This epoxy curing system is a natural evolution of our extensive experience with infrared light."

The iCure AS200 offers:

o Fast and strong curing - infrared radiation is easily and rapidly absorbed by thermal epoxies.

o Precision - the light guide offers precise and localized heating of bonded assemblies.

o Reduce Costs - system is ideal for automated manufacturing processes; eliminates the need for multiple thermal ovens and offers higher productivity.

o The complete solution - large array of accessories and light guides to handle multiple applications with one system.

The iCure thermal spot curing unit and light guide are the key elements of IRphotonics' iCure group of adhesive heat curing solutions. The iCure AS200 combines IRphotonics' leading edge iGuide infrared optical fibers and infrared optical assembly technology with an innovative light source design in a compact micro-processor controlled bench top unit. The unit provides better and more accurate curing of thermal adhesives than traditional methods.

"The global Consumer Electronics market is expected to reach $200 billion by 2010 (Datamonitor®); this important driver will increase the usage of engineering adhesives and spot curing applications, " commented Eric Geoffrion, President and CEO of IRphotonics. "The iCure thermal spot curing system is a truly revolutionary product that can not only substantially reduce costs and improve productivity but can also lead to all kind of new applications not currently possible. We are very excited about the potential of this innovative technology."

Pricing and Availability

The iCure thermal spot curing and accessories are available to customers worldwide now. Pricing is available on request. Please contact us at or visit our web site for more information.

IRphotonics at the Assembly Technology EXPO, Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois, September 23-25 2008

IRphotonics will be demonstrating the power and flexibility of the iCure AS200 at their booth - 1442. Please contact sales at to schedule a private demo.

About IRphotonics

IRphotonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of technologically sophisticated infrared fibers and systems that are used for the transmission of infrared light, and for assembly operations requiring high intensity infrared heat. The company leverages its unique and in depth expertise of infrared light and materials to offer innovative products ranging from specialty optical fibers and light guides to its revolutionary thermal spot curing system.

For more information about the iCure Product Line and the iCure AS200, please visit

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