Thermal Product Solutions ShipsBlue M Ovens to a Prominent Aerospace Manufacturer

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of two (2) Blue M industrial ovens to a prominent aerospace manufacturer. The industrial ovens will be used to preheat 30-50 lb. turbine engine parts to 500° F for interference fit assembly.

Each Blue M oven is equipped with three special trays mounted on telescopic slides. This allows the tray to be withdrawn from the oven far enough to allow an automated robot, or a lift assist device to place or remove the part on the tray. The tray and slides are designed to support the weight without tipping. This specific application used manual operation of the trays and door, however, the units could be modified to allow automation to handle those functions.

These reach-in ovens have a maximum temperature rating of 600°F.  The work chamber dimension of the first one is 20”W x 18”D x 20”H and the other is 25”W x 25”D x 25”H. The telescopic slides are capable of constant use at 600°F without performance issues. The extended travel allows a large portion of the tray to be withdrawn past the flush front of the oven which allows more room for product and end of arm tooling.

“For these industrial ovens we strived to create a convenient design to meet the customer’s work space requirements. An easy load/unload functionality utilizes a tray that extends beyond the door which allows the customer to maximize space and efficiency.” – Paul Brown, Applications Engineer

Unique features of these Blue M ovens include:

  • 600° F Maximum Temperature

  • No-tip extended reach telescopic slides with ceramic bearings

  • Fused Disconnect Switch

  • Stainless Steel Interior

  • Special Single Set Point Controller with Ethernet Capability

  • Floor Stand

About Thermal Product Solutions

Thermal Product Solutions, TPS, has extensive experience with the design and manufacture of complex systems including product automation. This gives them the ability to work with customers on the most complicated systems and meet stringent design requirements. TPS designs and manufactures industrial and laboratory ovens and furnaces, along with environmental temperature cycling and stability test chambers. Product brands include Baker Furnace, Blue M, Gruenberg, Lindberg/MPH, Lunaire, Tenney, and Wisconsin Oven. For more information, visit #112243-44

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