Thermal Management System facilitates IC characterization.

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Using direct thermal contact technology, TSL-ST-01 Thermal Socket Lid and Control System enables temperature control of IC devices during thermal characterization. Chiller supplies liquid to thermal socket lid, while controller monitors lid and supplies necessary electrical input to accurately control temperature. With GUI, users can set temperature, tune system, change and save configuration settings, log data, and run custom scripts.

Original Press Release:

Thermal Management Solution for IC Devices

Users can socket their BGA/QFN IC's and characterize them precisely using Ironwood Electronics Thermal Control Accessories

EAGAN, MN - Ironwood Electronics' new high performance thermal socket lid -TSL-ST-01 allows any IC devices to be placed inside any socket and operated at IC's extreme temperature to determine its thermal capability. Thermal Socket Lid & Control Systems enable temperature control of IC devices during thermal characterization using direct thermal contact technology that provides accurate and stable temperatures on IC resulting in precise characterization.

The three main components of the thermal management system are the thermal socket lid, the chiller and the controller. The chiller supplies chilled liquid to the thermal socket lid. The controller has a constant feed back to monitor the thermal socket lid and supply the necessary electrical input to accurately control the temperature. The thermal socket lid has two main functions. One is to transfer heat to the IC device and the other is to compress the IC device on the interconnect unit. Thermal socket lid along with control system precisely controls the temperature of the IC while it is being tested. Thermal socket lid replaces actual socket lid on top of a test socket.

The thermal socket lid has replaceable compression plate to accommodate various IC sizes. An additional accessory called "socket frame" is needed to interface thermal socket lid to the socket body. In addition to hardware, we also provide software that enables more features than just representing the front panel of the controller by itself. It also has an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). Features include the ability to set a temperature, tune the system, change and save configurations setting, log data and run custom scripts.

Pricing for the TSL-ST-01 @qty1 = $3987.00 each with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.

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