Thermal Label Inspection System detects wrinkles and bubbles.

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Using radiant energy to create slight change in surface temperature, IRIDESS Infrared Imaging Defect Evaluating Surface Scan system captures thermal image of label, which is analyzed by software to detect 3D defects. Amount of heat necessary for creating image is slight so it does not deform plastic, darken labels, or fade inks. Suitable for any bottle or container made of glass or plastic, system handles conveyor speeds up to 100 fpm and inspection rates greater than 120 parts/min.

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New Thermal Label Inspection System Detects Wrinkles and Bubbles Quickly and Accurately

PrimeTest Automation has developed a unique thermal system for product label inspection. The IRIDESS, or Infrared Imaging Defect Evaluating Surface Scan, uses radiant energy to create a slight change in surface temperature. Infrared cameras capture a thermal image of the label, which is analyzed by software to detect three-dimensional defects like wrinkles or bubbles. While conventional camera inspection can detect wrinkles, it is not as successful at detecting three-dimensional defects like bubbles.

The system can handle conveyor speeds up to 100 feet per minute and inspection rates greater than 120 parts per minute.

IRIDESS can also be paired with traditional cameras to create a comprehensive inspection system that will also check for two-dimensional defects like label placement, rotation, skew and barcode legibility.

The IRIDESS system can be used on any bottle or container, glass or plastic. The amount of heat necessary for creating a thermal image is slight; it does not deform plastic, darken labels or fade inks. So far, the system has been used with great success on fertilizer and pesticide containers, but its use in many more applications is anticipated. Detergent containers, shampoo bottles and beverage containers are just a few of the applications that PrimeTest Automation expects to see the IRIDESS system used for in the near future.

Proper label placement can play a major role in determining a customer's perception of product quality.

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PrimeTest Automation is a full service systems integration company with a talented in-house engineering team featuring mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. All systems are modeled using the latest in 3-D design software, thoroughly reviewed with the customer, and manufactured at Prime Test's facility located in Boca Raton, Florida. PrimeTest Automation offers a complete set of electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic drawings with each system as well as detailed operations and maintenance manuals. On-site training services are also available.

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