Thermal Imaging Camera helps with predictive maintenance.

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Available in portable and fixed models, Heat Spy® Imager locates hot spots while indicating temperature and delta T. Images with temperature points and differentials can be saved and reviewed later, and each picture is date/time stamped and can be labeled accordingly. Operating with virtual instrumentation software and programmable operator controls, fixed version can monitor process and feedback up to 256 temperature points simultaneously.

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Heat Spy® Imager

Asheville, NC - April 6, 2005 - Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group announces the introduction of our new Thermal Imaging cameras both portable and fixed. Our HEAT SPY® IMAGER cameras will set the standard for high value cameras. Camera prices start at $3,499 for a portable unit as compared to our nearest competitor at $10,000 and upward to $30,000. Customers can now finally justify buying one or more Thermal Imaging cameras.

The HEAT SPY® IMAGER has the ability to locate a hot spot with ease and tell you the temperature and delta T at the same time. Just aim at target, place hottest spot at center of screen and turn on laser. The HSI will tell you temperature and show you the spot where the problem lies. You can also save the image with complete ability to review all temperature points and temperature differentials later, change emissivity, temperature scale etc. Each picture is date and time stamped with the ability to label the picture accordingly.

Consider this product as a valuable diagnostic tool for predictive maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, the Heat Spy Imager allows corrective actions to be taken. Heat Spy Imager can be used for electrical, mechanical, piping and insulated systems. Also, pipes on buildings, boilers, tank levels, underground steam leaks, roof insulation where there are roof leaks, or process equipment failure and many other applications.

Wahl also has a fixed unit that can be used to monitor a process and feedback up to 256 temperature points simultaneously. This unit can be operated immediately with industry standard virtual instrumentation software and industry standard programmable operator control stations, or users and system integrators can devise specific software routines to provide a total control or monitoring system. The fixed Heat Spy Imager starts at $5,999 it is significantly less expensive than competitive brands.

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