Thermal Analysis System uses GC/MS to check polymers.

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PY2020 system for company's QP Series GC/MS instruments enables selective analysis of polymers by pyrolysis, thermal desorption/pyrolysis, and evolved gas analysis (EGA). Pyrolysis can be used for macromolecular and other nonvolatile components. Thermal desorption/pyrolysis analyzes volatile compounds and EGA allows on-line MS analysis of compounds over wide programmed temperature range. Available with 48 place autosampler to reduce workload.

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Comprehensive Thermal Analysis Of Polymers For GC/MS

Shimadztu Scientific Instruments has introduced the PY2020 Thermal Analysis System for their QP Series GC/MS instruments. The PY2020 System enables selective GC/MS analysis of polymers by Pyrolysis, Thermal Desorption/Pyrolysis, and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA).

Pyrolysis can be used for macromolecular and other nonvolatile components. For pyrolysis applications, the sample cup free-falls into the furnace where the sample is instantly pyrolyzed with excellent reproducibility. The GC separates the fragments and the MS identifies then.

Thermal Desorption/Pyrolysis allows analysis of volatile compounds such as residual solvents, monomers as well as antioxidants and stabilizers. For Thermal Desorption analysis, a plunger lowers the sample into a micro furnace at 40°C and the temperature is programmed up. Once Thermal Desorption analysis is complete, the sample is taken out of the furnace, the temperature is raised to 600°C and the sample cup is then dropped into the furnace for pyrolysis. Sample cups can move in or out of the furnace for both Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis.

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) allows on-line MS analysis of compounds over a wide programmed temperature range. Any desired zone of the EGA thermogram can be automatically collected as a heart-cut and introduced to the GC/MS for further analysis.

The Shimadzu PY2020 Thermal Analysis System for GC/MS is available with a 48 place autosampler, which can reduce workload while improving productivity and reliability.

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