The World's Largest Ammonia Plant Successfully Commissions Cutler's MAX APC

BOERNE, Texas - The largest single train ammonia plant in the world has been successfully commissioned using Cutler Technology's MAX APC Controller. The plant, which is owned by a Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company, is located in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Charles Cutler, creator of the matrix control algorithm, commented, "We built a MAX APC controller for the world's largest Ammonia Plant that required 41 manipulated variables and 160 controlled variables. The main sub controller was commissioned in April and has not been turned off except to add additional sub controllers. Normally there are four operators assigned to the main console each shift. They alternate in pairs so that two operators are always watching the board. The operators love the controller, since it takes care of keeping everything in balance. The remaining sub controllers were completed in June and they have not been turned off."

Since its introduction in 1985, Cutler's Matrix Control Algorithm has become the most popular in the world! Cutler's new MAX APC is a modernized version that can use existing MPC controller models. The controller can use models with all set points, all valve positions, or any combination in between as independent variables.

MAX APC is based on Cutler's award-winning algorithm and can be used to maximize production, minimize energy consumption, or reduce your plant's CO2 emissions. MAX APC is field proven and running on Refinery and Chemical plants around the world. While other APC vendors continue to recycle Cutler's 1985 open source Matrix Control Algorithm, only CTC has the new patented technology that gives you the option to use any or all valve positions as independent variables. Before renewing your current SMS contract, check with Cutler Tech on how easy it is to port your existing model into Cutler Tech's MAX APC product!

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