The Unbelievably Easy Way to Mask Multiple Surfaces with 1 Product

Peel-Tek Liquid Masking & Peel-able Protective Surface Coating offers a new way for Contractors, Painters and Diyar's to benefit from a revolutionary liquid masking product that can be used on porous & non-porous surfaces leaving NO residue behind!

Features and benefits of peel-tek liquid masking include

  • Stay-put formula works on brick, stucco, concrete, treated & untreated wood, textured walls, tile, painted surfaces, glass and more
  • Reduces the need to repair or replace bathtubs in new construction saving time & money
  • Safe for sensitive surfaces such as stained concrete and other specialty finishes
  • Environmentally friendly formula eliminates the use of solvents to remove residue left by traditional masking

About Us

With 30 years in the building and construction industry, founder of Peel-Tek, Scott Halbert created Peel-Tek Liquid Masking to address the need for advanced masking and surface protection technology in the building & construction industry. Peel-Tek's innovative masking technology use now spans across many industries including but not limited to building & construction, automotive, crafting and DIY industries.

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